Oh No 🙈 Urban

No wonder he retired for a bit?! Those southern women are tough on the heart!

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Urban, Urban, Urban…

I watched the 2nd half of that game on Thursday night, the Jags were up 14-0, then lost on a last second FG to go 0-4.

Given Urban’s history with pretty acute anxiety, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was bombed out of his gord on Xanax.

“I don’t remember any of that. The ballgame or that party or the bar or whatever it was”.

At least this should slow down the Urban to USC train.

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Well, I think by now we’ve all realized he’s a total POS. Wonder what Shelley will have to say about all of this.

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I’m just gonna have to file it under “why you never want to meet your heroes.”

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I always figured Urban would struggle in the NFL, especially in a place like Jacksonville.

In college, his MO was to take teams who already had talent and push them over the top. That’s not the case with the Jags, as they’re a complete rebuilding project. Also, the motivational techniques he uses to fire up 19-year-old college kids aren’t likely to work on guys making millions and who recognize the NFL for the business it is. Add in his somewhat…unstable personality and you have a recipe for potential disaster (which is what we’re headed towards, I think).

In short, it’s all going about as well as I expected so far.


Maybe he could come be our OC.


Coaching in the business that is the NFL is not coaching in College.

Saban figured it out fast and jumped back. I will not be surprised when at or before game 10 Urb jumps…to U$C.

Saban figured out you don’t control your roster. If that team doctor cleared Drew Brees for the Dolphins he would still be there. I have zero doubt he would have done well with creating a team that could win but you really can’t just turn it around right away.

Urban on the other hand has issues that stem as far back as his Florida days.


What exactly did he do that was so bad? Let some hot chick dance in front of him? I find the fact that this was blown up the way it was to be a little weird. The only person who should have a problem with it IMO is Shelley Meyer - and that is between the 2 of them. Just my .02

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The faction of USC supporters who wanted things cleaned up after Pete Carroll, whatever Kiffin might have been up to, and Sarkesian’s unfortunate flameout, still has a legitimate desire - keep the media focused on the success of the team, not the misdeeds of the coaches.

The way they recruit this is not an impossible ask. I think Urban bumped himself down the list.

Mid 50s guy with 20-something young woman - that was (reportedly) part of Pete Carroll’s schtick - moved out of the family house to live with a grad student in Malibu. “Pete, Pete, Pete…”

I don’t care how awesome the cheerleaders’ sweaters are at USC, you just can’t do that.


I may be wrong, but I think USC would kill to have the Pete years back.

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I think what zapped Pete was the impending Reggie Bush scandal, and the reports of him living with the grad student didn’t help. He jumped to the NFL before everything collapsed.

Otherwise, yeah, Pete is the modern standard for on field accomplishments. Not as accomplished perhaps as John McKay (nor as funny), but pretty damn good.

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You mean other than he hired a racist strength coach, signed their best friend to a roster spot, skipped the team plane home + created a media ■■■■■■■■■ over the same long weekend while leading an 0-4 football team?

Not to mention how he left UF and OSU?

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I think that was the question - why should this blow up in the media (I know why things like this does - social media turns into ‘news’)? Shelley was watching the grandkids and he can have a personal life (although in hindsight, just sticking with the team would have kept him out of trouble). He’s frustrated with 0-4 and Shelley agreed ‘Buddy’ needed a night out. I guess he could have pushed her away (which would have been captured anyway). Or just faced the bar or turned away. But looked like he was just a little buzzed by that point, drowning his sorrows of losing more games in a row he ever has.

Pretty sure his judgement was in question waaaaay before this event:


What is the big deal about bringing in Tebow? He gave him a shot, it didn’t work out, and he got cut…where is the controversy? It’s not the first time a coach has taken a flier on a guy and it won’t be the last.


Well, I was specifically talking about the incident at the bar as I thought that was what this discussion was about. I was unaware of his hiring a “racist”, Tebow means nothing to me he can do what he wants as far as players, skipping a team plane is not unusual at all at that level and UF and OSU they knew before they hired him.

The 0 - 4 is a problem for sure, but I don’t think we would be having this discussion if he didn’t party at a bar this weekend. Again, doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.