Oh geeze, well done local news

Local news stations are heavily featured in the latest Last Week Tonight

Having cut the cord over 10 years ago now I honestly have had zero regrets. I don’t consume any news through the TV, I haven’t bombarded my children with commercials hawking amazing products at low low prices and I’ve saved now maybe ten thousand dollars.

It is interesting though when I do watch regular television now, you really appreciate how obnoxious it is. Commercial breaks make me feel like I’m on the edge of having a seizure. EVERYTHING seems really cheesy.

And I have never missed a single sporting event I wanted to view. To be honest, ABC4 was always kind of a b-rated local news station 10 years ago, I’m honestly surprised they are around.

thanks for posting that Real U :joy:

it certainly makes you realize skepticism is a valued trait

I worked in local news in the 1990s. A College student producing a local news broadcast as my “College Job.” That should tell you the quality of their hiring process hiring me to produce the nightly news while I was still taking Philosophy 201.


We still have cable because Comcrap is our ISP (and it works pretty well in our area), and my wife likes her stories.

I have nostalgic memories of watching the local evening news, and sometimes will tune in. I don’t think I ever made it through a commercial break before turning it off.

Cable/isp bundle is cheaper than cutting the cord and subscribing to a streaming service for sports…at least for me. Now, if I didn’t want sports, cutting would be a no brainer.

Same. I work exclusively from home these days, and Comcast is the only broadband option here. Google Fiber dug up our street two years ago and were supposed to offer service, but there’s still nothing available. Frustrating.

I should probably cancel the cable TV, as we really never watch it anymore. We really only do Netflix anymore, and I can get that through the built in app on the TV. I do occasionally enjoy watching a random NBA or NHL game, but it’s nothing I couldn’t live without.

Maybe I’ll cancel that today…

Hmm, I’m going about selling bikes all wrong. I should tout them as sexual therapy machines. Who do I contact at ABC4? Yes, this is sarcasm being dripped all over sponsored content.


CCU…these days, I’m surprised you still have inventory to sell. ha

The frames, carbon, that I have in stock are easy to get. It’s the components that are extremely difficult to get right now.

I do have 3 frames worth of steel tubing right now, and 4 carbon frames. So, if you want a frame, I can do that. A complete bike? Not so much.

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The supply chains are totally FUBAR.

Google Fiber and YouTubeTV is cheaper than any bundle I ever had with Comcast.

I pay $100 now for internet + TV from Comcast. I haven’t been able to find a different combo for less. I love YouTubeTV when I used it. It was much better than other streaming services I’ve tried. They kept raising the price on me though.