Of course it is Rudy and the Jazz

Jamaal Murray is legit. Unstoppable in the 4th. We just crumbled.

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Wondering if tomorrow’s games will be postponed as well.

It’s looking like it. I am a big NBA fan but I am also someone who supports people using their platform to affect the change they want to see.


I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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This movement needs direction, leadership, and a leader. There has to be some achievable platform by which we can end the protests and strikes.

Congress had a chance at doing something early on, but they punted to gain political points.


I applaud the NBA players for using their leverage to try and bring about change.

One look at the comment section of KSL, Kutv or elsewhere makes you realize we have a long way to go. It’s incredibly disheartening.


Nothing to see here.
Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!

Who cares. Check out the Stars Avs series. Love playoff hockey


mUUser sounds like some of my Alabama family members. That’s not a compliment.

Because hockey is huge in Alabama?

Admittedly, I’ll stop down for a Mavs game as I lived in Dallas many years, but, on the whole I think the NBA has been ruined by terrible officiating, and barely resembles basketball anymore. I just won’t spend much time worrying about whether the NBA plays or doesn’t play.

OTOH, there’'s just something about playoff hockey I love, even when the excitement is piped through speakers.

This is a common sentiment. I’m not sure I disagree. I still like to watch, especially when considering the caliber of athletes that are playing, especially on my beloved Jazz.

Truth. Even the end of benchers are crazy good. Although, that’s true of any professional – golf, tennis, baseball, hockey etc… They’re at the point of the pyramid in their profession.

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NCAAF is probably the most fun to watch for me. I have this bizarre allegiance to professional sports like many, which is really rooted in what pro sports was 20+ years ago. I guess I’m still holding out hope. At the same time, guys like Donovan Mitchell make me want to watch. I’ll need a lot of professional help when he signs with the Nets.

News is reporting most professional sports are suspending play in solidarity over the recent shooting in Wisconsin.

PGA played today so not sure if they’ll suspend play tomorrow.

Nashville Predators made a ton of hockey fans and believe it or not the Midwest moved south and they all play travel hockey.

I was commenting more on how it sounded like he was discounting the protest and the thoughts of those who believe athletes should speak out. Maybe I read it wrong.

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I love the NBA. It’s my #1 pro sport. I love college football second. NFL is meh because I am a Raider fan. I love my LOS Angeles Pro teams (I really need a new NFL team) and have stuck with them.

I know. I was being a smartass. It’s what I do.

I usually do but people got BIG MAD about me when I did it.

Round two, here we go.

Lakers vs Rockets (does anyone think the Thunder will win?). Go Lakers. This one is easy. Kuzma all the way. Our man has a real chance at a ring. He’d be the #3 scorer on a championship team. Danny Ainge has reached local immortality for being the 4th/5th best player on title teams.

Clippers vs Jazz/Nuggets. Go Jazz/Nuggets. This is also an easy call. Either Donovan Mitchell or Jamaal Murray, two likeable up and coming superstars. Gobert and Jokic are also great players who are fun to watch. The Clippers are just another superteam (but without Kuzma); why would anyone be rooting for them?

Celtics/Raptors. The Celtics feature 6 lottery picks. How many teams have ever done that? The Raptors were left for dead by Leonard. Go Raptors.

Bucks/Heat. Can’t root against the Greek, even if Jimmy Butler sings Hall & Oates when he’s packing for trips. Go Bucks.