Of course it is Rudy and the Jazz

To hit the first shot and game winning shot in the league restart.

104-102 A win is a win.


‘‘Twas a good win. Sloppy seconds n the middle. But the jazz picked it up at the end.

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NBA playoffs start today! I’m not a huge NBA fan, but playoff level intensity is fun in all sports.

Here’s your rooting guide:

  1. Jazz vs Nuggests. I can root for the Jazz out of 90s nostalgia, but they don’t have a chance. Every time I see them, they seem to be about 2 stars shy of being a contender. The Nuggets are a likeable team with Jokic as a point center. I suppose if the Nuggets had not traded Gobert to the Jazz, Denver never would have ended up with Jokic.
  2. Nets vs Raptors. The most boring of the first round match ups. If you have a dog in this fight, I hope you from Toronto or Brooklyn. Otherwise, you might have issues.
  3. 76rs vs Celtics. I personally want the 76rs to win a title with their awful tanking strategy. I think it would be funny and would highlight big problems in the league. But it’s hard to hate Brad Stevens, and Jason Tatum is great.
  4. Mavs vs Clippers. I’m only rooting for superteams if they involve former Utes. Forget you, Leonard/George. I’m going with the Euros.
  5. Magic vs Bucks. If you don’t enjoy watching the Greek Freak, why do you watch sports at all?
  6. Heat vs Pacers. Jimmy Butler has a commercial where he sings Hall & Oates. I have to root for that.
  7. Thunder vs Rockets. I don’t know what to think here. I rooted for Westbrook for years because his dirtbag teammates ditched him. But now he ditched too. I don’t want to root for Harden.
  8. Blazers vs Lakers. I will never root against Kuz. Go Kuz. In the “who is the best player to ever play in Utah” argument that goes around on Twitter, it’s clear that Damiam Lillard is #1.
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The Jazz actually are two stars short of a contender, because both Bogdanovich and Conley are out. So much for reloading last off-season.

True, but I think they are still quiet a bit short even with those two. Mitchell is a great player. He a could be a solid #2 on a title team, but I don’t see him as a franchise player. Gobert is fine, but you can’t have a defensive specialist as your #2 guy.

He’s amazing right now. What a game.

He looks like a pretty solid #1 to me right now…

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Great performance by Mitchell today. Alas, it was not enough to win. I’ll enjoy watching him on a team that actually can win.

Sounds like Donovan had a stellar game. Would have been nice to start out with a win. Tough being without Bogie and Conley

It was something to see. He was great, and so was Murray. And Jokic is Gobert-kryptonite.

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Mitchell and Doncic - the two best performances in Day 1 both came in losing efforts.

Delon playing great tonight. Man, that guy was good for us.

I think this is sadly true, of both the NBA and college basketball.

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If you don’t love the NBA right now I feel for you. So much fun during the bubble.

I love that I’m watching sports. The doncic game winner today…wow.

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Tomorrow Utah winning three series should be nice.

Jazz need to put two people on Joker. 5-5 from three and 8-8 from the field. Who boy.

Jazz up by 9 and joking is playing like this. All but him have given up.


This may be the best series. Mavs vs Clippers is a solid argument but Jazz v Nuggets has been great

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