Nice new digs... Circling around to check out the neighborhood

Still the home for political banter first and Utah second? What happened to all my likes and stuff?

Let me know if you see any political discourse. Politics and religion are donor only and opt-in after that, I think you’ll like the new tone of the board.

All of your old content can be found at Utah Utes Sports Message Board | Page 1 I cashed in everyone’s stars for a new blender, sorry.


Personally I think you need to reconsider your strategy on politics/religion and donor pay…

After the football season this site will become a ghost town. The 10 donors will be posting in the politics page and the free pages will have 5 week old sports posts. It will be a zombie site until next Aug.

Perhaps, but it was a veritable ghost town because of the political posts already. Why drive off thousands of Ute fans in favor of 20 people bickering about politics and religion?


You’re assuming all people are driven away because of politics. For good or bad, politics will be the most important subject in 2020. For the most part the “thousands” driven off went to Utehub were they are safe in their bubble.

Your market are people who are interest in Ute athletics AND have the fortitude for open political debate.

Actually these are not assumptions, I have the analytics and the (overwhelming) feedback to prove it - in fact we are seeing massive traffic over just two weeks ago. That’s not just more users visiting the site, but people spending way more time on the board. In fact, lurkers now outnumber logged-in users about 8 to 1.

The new tech is great, but really it is the community that needs to be healthy. The old UFN had only about 15-25 people using it a day and was all but dead of Utah sports talk.

Plus when we talk about ‘market’ we aren’t in this to market a product, we are here to talk Utah athletics. This is far from a money making venture (quite the opposite actually) and really is never intended to be. We might do things to offset costs, but nobody is planning to retire on this.

Regardless of all of that, we haven’t stopped political discussion at all, we just don’t want it dominating a Utah sports board. If you want political and religious discussion then just donate and opt-in otherwise may I suggest Reddit or Twitter?

Hey, I may be wrong in all of this, but until we made the change UFN wasn’t even circling the drain – we rescued it from being down in the p-trap. Being completely honest, it was either do this or shut it down. We hope it survives and thrives and are invested in that - in fact I believe now more than ever that it will. But regardless we will be no worse off for this gamble.


I left Utefans a few years ago because of politics and religion. I know several other lurkers who did the same. Each of us have different political views. I am back now because the politics are gone.




You got some sort of irresitable desire to contaminate this site with pollitics and religion bull sh*t? The thousands of other sites dedicated to it aren’t enough for you?


Time will tell what the best option is. There definitely have been more new posters or returning posters since the change. That being said, what happens after football? TBD. Hopefully the banter/posts continues.

Count me as one who has come back because I don’t have to wade through politics. Thanks for what you’ve done. I love it.


I’m just happy to have a board where Ute fans can focus on what we have in common which is Utah sports. I’m sure that when 45K fans in Rice-Eccles are all celebrating a Utah touchdown or defensive stop, we’re comprised of many different faiths and political affiliations, but when it’s game time in the stadium (or when we’re here on the board discussing games last week and in upcoming weeks) it’s all about the Utes to me. And those who want to go on discussing other matters can do so without any of these rest of us knowing about it. I for one will continue donating from time to time, but not have any interest in debating those issues.


I love talking politics on - but I have zero issue with it being behind a paywall. I would much rather have a robust online community of Ute athletics than anything else.

Reminds me - I need to go donate.


“Life is too short for grief. Or regret. Or bullsh*t.” - Edward Abbey

Whew! My time on this site was short lived.

I think there is a place for politics, but I will become a donor for the privilege.
FWIW, although probably brilliant, I find Edward Abbey as a cynical crank. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why politics nowadays is so banal. Cynicism has become hip at the cost of discourse.

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I left UFN because of the politics and bickering. I can get that on other sites. I come here for football and basketball and other Ute topics. I appreciate the new changes and I’m glad the other stuff is opt in behind the paywall.


I am pleased with the move away from politics. I was a UteFan poster for over 20 years and left because the site became so mean spirited.

Go Utes


Hear, hear
It became hard to find sports posts and the politics posts were the epitome of trolling. I often found myself thinking “He can’t be serious” and lamenting then fact that we had even Ute fandom in common. The site is better now.


I am glad you showed up here, Proud. I remember many exchanges with you and good times on the old board. We are hoping this new addition will revive some of what we once had.

Welcome Home!