Nice new digs... Circling around to check out the neighborhood

Deselecting a category was so difficult on the old board. It took an act of Weddle to not see politics.

I’m kidding of course, that’s just the lame excuse people used for not contributing to the old board.

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Agreed, and I am one of the few who enjoys the debate for the most part (more interest in philosophical than political). It will be interesting to see, but I expect there will be more Ute related content in the off-season and the board will be fine.

Hi RockerUte, this is Chris Evans sister, who are you? Also is there a way to send DM’s to somebody on this new site?

^^ that site is not working “Utah Utes Sports Message Board | Page 1”

I was mostly driven off due to the politics. Popped in every now and again.


Hi, just click on the person’s name and then click on the envelope.

Welcome to the new look uf.n!