New coaches


I love this hire!

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Yes, I love this hire as well.
I wonder if Roger Reid offered any advice as Burgess was considering this choice. :slight_smile:


Very good hire.

Big time for recruiting. Wonder if the Lohner rumors will resurface?

Why Lohner? Don’t think we need that smoke. Burned bridges already.


I’ll trust the coaches to make that decision, but I’ll have a hard time cheering for him personally. He contributed to real harm to our program.


I’m a little surprised we were able to pull this off. It will be interesting to learn what factors went into Chris’s decision. I don’t think Chris has any personal ties to the current coaches or administration at the U.
Was it Money? Family (his daughter is an athlete at the U)? The downward trend of BYU in the last half of their season? Loyalty? Combination of all?

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If you are an assistant with head coaching aspirations you move around. It may be no more than that.


crap he just let down 8 million mormons again.


Well, that’s less than the last time…


His boss at Byu was a dick?


That’s fairly common down there in the basketball program.

Arnold, Reid, Cleveland.


Maybe, just maybe, he saw more opportunity with Craig Smith because he’s better than Pope. You guys remind me of that old Graucho Marx joke.

I think we ALL are saying that.


ps i like this hire .

Nice to get some good news about commitments and hires. Everything I’ve seen from Smith or heard him talk I’ve liked. He seems like a coach kids want to play for. He’s had kids from USU follow him. The Utes played hard all season despite it being beyond dismal.

So I want him to succeed and not just because his success is the shortest path for the Utes.

But like us all I got concerned - less about the defections when he got hired - but more about when we weren’t getting any of the high school recruits we were going after, it seemed.

I’m finding a spark of hope. I think Burgess and Slocum is a heck of a recruiting team. Lots of reasons to be positive about mens basketball right now.


Congrats to Mr Smith. Burgess is a nice hire: former Ute, decent recruiter (I wish the switch had occurred after he convinced the biggest Ute slam dunk 4-star recruit to go to Provo, but oh well), and decent but not great coaching genes. Also, over the past two weeks, he has slowly picked up the recruiting successes we so desperately need.

I did chuckle on CougarBoard the other day a poster lamented the loss of Burgess and worried that he would take Chandler and Lohner with him to the U. Another poster assured them that Burgess wasn’t that kind of scumbag…

You know, the kind of scumbag that BYU is that poached a committed player to the U.