NCAA Tournament

The PAC didn’t get any favors match-up wise, but we did get 5 teams in.

Assuming they can get by their first game, USC would have Kansas and Oregon would get Iowa.

UCLA gets a play in game against Michigan St.

Colorado gets a hot Georgetown team and Oregon St gets Tennessee.

Also, I was surprised to see that the brackets are Friday-Sunday and Saturday-Monday. That cancels my plans for watching basketball all day Thursday.

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An oddity:

Kentucky is not in the tourney, but Rick Pitino is.

I find myself less and less interested in this tournament every year because Utah isn’t in it.


He’s about to get to steppin’ after round one. Gotta say, we’ve only been to the Elite 8. Shocked some people have us in Final 4:


Entertaining opening night. 2 one point games and an OT game. Was thinking it would have been a nightmare finish for Drake if they had lost again at the buzzer (like they did against Western Kentucky the last time they were in the Big Dance).

UCLA pulled one out late. Michigan State crapped the bed.


I know this has gone viral, but, this is truly unbelievable.

Women’s weight room


Colgate was leading by 14. Arkansas goes on a 17-0 run to finish the first half.


That Colgate coach seems to have built a little something out there. Took awhile but he’s there now.

I kinda helped weaken Arky by putting Arkansas in my Final Four bracket.

Utah State losing decisively in round one?

things are getting back to normal (1-15 in their last 16 tourney appearances)

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I like to see them lose. I run on spite in march if my teams aren’t in.


Beavers looking solid early.

Can we steal Wayne Tinkle?

The NCAA tourney is the best sporting event. And one of the things that makes it great are the Chuck, Spike, and Samuel L commercials.

“Two different states, man!”

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He’s got a .406 win percentage. Why do you hate your schools basketball program?

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late bloomer?

He’s had as good a month as anybody this year

His season is like the second to last for Dennis Felton at UGA. Good Conference tournament and then fired the next season.

If the Beavs win this game it will be their first touney win in 40 years. What?

They look like they are on their way…12 seed beating a 5. Go Beavs. :smile: