More media and realignment news

While we wait, some rumors seem interesting.

One is that ESPN is offering $90M… as a second tier position, with Amazon paying $200-220M as the primary, and Apple with some unspecified secondary offer in the mix. (The technical capabilities of the PAC12 network would make that a plug-and-play proposition for Amazon / Apple, a unique offering in the current landscape.)

That combination would add up to over the $31M the B12 got, that would be the “lay up”.

I’m kind of at the point I don’t care if the media market evolves away from “linear” programming and ESPN / FOX. Their stockholders are getting disgruntled at losing money… let a new landscape evolve.



I wonder what clauses are hiding in the B1G contracts if FOX can’t get their ad slots sold for the games, or sold at a dollar amount used for what they projected for to justify the contract.

Given FOX’s current legal jeopardy due to the FOX News case, this whole “Gold/Platinum Standard” contract might end up getting the “House of Cards” treatment.


Should SDSU win the Tourney, Kliavkoff should be there near the podium with a lottery-style comically oversized invite to the PAC.


SDSU is certainly making a good case for themselves. They’re in the Final Four and beat the PAC champs in football just 2 years ago.


Chris Hill is a guest on Wilner and Cazano podcast. He’s talking about conference expansion, some of the inside stuff when Utah moved from the MWC. Its a pretty interesting listen.

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It was interesting that Chris Hill confirmed ESPN offered to buy the PAC12 networks back in 2018 and 2019 (for a good price) but the conference declined. Hill mentioned he couldn’t say any more than that because his son currently works for ESPN, but you could sense lots of frustration from him about how things shook out.


Just out of curiosity, how are you defining “graven”? I seem to recall plenty of “RULDS2” bumper stickers around Utah when we lived there. So, I can’t imagine how a “Y” license plate would be much, if any different.

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I remember going to a game down south with my brothers one time. (Youngest brother is a byu fan) This family sits down beside us with a bunch of young kids. Apparently the tickets had been given to them by some neighbor or something. The mom pulled out some ziplock bags with cut up cheese, crackers, and carrots. Dad went and got a small drink and the kids were instructed that they all had to share the drink. I’m certainly a bit of a cheapskate but that was just ridiculously cheap. I’ll take kids to various sports events but I was never cheap about buying concessions. If they wanted a hot dog, drink, mini donuts, etc I didn’t mind buying. If I couldn’t afford the whole experience I wouldn’t go!




I think it’s a good move by the Suns in the long run. For now, though, the bankruptcy court of its bankrupt broadcasting partner has put a stop to it.

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Given the trash “reality” shows being broadcast on their channels (and generating no meaningful ad revenue), live sports would certainly be a better choice for an advertising revenue perspective.


The content would certainly be more intelligent, perhaps even educational at times.

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Reading tea leaves is no substitute for high resolution weather radar, as our friend 330Ute can attest.

But this seems like a good sign. We all know the PAC has been remarkably deliberate in this whole process, but if SDSU was intending to join the B12 I’d imagine Bretty Yormark is holed up in a Hilton in San Diego with a box full of pens.

The only reason the request for an extra month makes sense is if the PAC is waiting on a partner, or a new President at UO, or whatever.

The only thing I can be 100% confident about is Dick Harmon doesn’t know jack squat.


It seems like most of the current cast of characters (6.16.23 / 2p) on CB recognize SDSU asking for a month indicates it’s the PAC that’s most likely to be their intended destination… with the expected gnashing of teeth and derision of SDSU, accordingly.


Why would they even care. byu-provo is already moving to the bestest conference EVER.


SDSU is the closest thing to a “University of California “ School with the pedigree to be accepted in the PAC. I am sure Cal is bothered the “Little Brother” system is joining the PAC, but it is the only school available with the size, research background (thank you US Navy), and athletic chops to join. Yes, they will get one helluva wake up playing in the Conference of Cannibals, but in time they can grow into the competition. Now to go off on a tangent…

Colorado was in a P5 before joining the PAC. They sucked then, and they still SUCK! Something tells me by mid season they are going to wish they’d have kept their interim HC. Something tells me Deon is not ready to coach at this level (and may never be).


You earned a star for this, whether intentional or not.


Perhaps this is part of getting a media deal that beats the B12?

Regardless, some quality reading on CB, if you need a giggle or two:

Poster: SDSU reporter saying B12 is a “last resort” for them.