More media and realignment news

Nothing terribly new for us here. But it is something resembling news.

Perhaps the media pressure in Tucson is a wee bit less intense to go to the B12, right about now.


The B12 is the worse case scenario & fallback option for Utah. Everyone knows it. What makes it even better was that the B12 was the best case scenario for byu.


The only people in the know, know where the negotiations sit on the media rights negotiation. Everyone else is blowing it out of their ■■■.

That stated, it doesn’t take a genius to know the PAC 12 legal team is looking into the parties spreading misinformation. Once the deal is completed, don’t be shocked if several of these entities get sued for liable.


The whole ‘Pac-12 in disarray, about to collapse’ narrative was clearly part of a concentrated disinformation campaign. Would be interesting to see who all was behind it.


My Pillow guy? Haha




QAnon…The Deep State…the Chinese and their weather balloons…Hugo Chavez…Generallisimo Francisco Franco…

Seriously though, I believe Canzano’s article that got posted here about a week ago may have exposed one guilty party.


I’m seeing the whole thing now being called “12Anon”. Hat tip to whoever came up with that one, lol.


Not BigAnon? :grin:


Great write-up here from Canzano

Some highlights…

The Pac-12 has had enough of other people telling its story. Several stakeholders punched back. Their message was singular — the Pac-12 believes it is moving toward a good deal. It’s committed. The schools still need to see numbers on paper, but they appear to be pointed in the same direction.

Said Harlan: “I am very pleased with where things are trending.”

Also, someone do a welfare check on the Big 12’s feral conspiracy theorists — “12Anon” — and see if they’re OK. The sea of propaganda and hand-wringing has been a disappointing byproduct, but I wondered right up until this week if the Pac-12 was also its own worst enemy.

The conference’s public-relations strategy in the last nine months has been puzzling. The silence in Las Vegas last week at the men’s basketball Pac-12 Tournament, in particular, fueled another round of fear-mongering click bait from the Big 12 footprint.

I wondered why commissioner George Kliavkoff refused to hold a news conference. But industry insiders cautioned me against banging my shoe too hard on the table. I was told by more than one veteran media-world source that ESPN, FOX, Amazon and Apple likely appreciate that the Pac-12 hasn’t engaged in orchestrated leaks aimed at taking the negotiations public.

I’ve talked with key sources at all 10 of the remaining Pac-12 schools. At no point has anyone in the inner sanctum said a word about wanting to leave the conference.


Something to add from a Canzano interview at some radio station. Not sure what radio station, but that is somewhat irrelevant to the interview. Canzano thinks something may break on the 21st, next Tuesday. The only reason I’m linking this is because it is Canzano, and not the butt nugget from CBS: Dennis Dodd. At least Canzano has some credibility, how much I’ll leave to your discretion.


Tuesdays are a good day for max media coverage, and Canzano previously reported mid March was a time frame his sources mentioned. If they know today, zero need to announce on a Friday. PR 101 stuff.

We’ll see.

It would funny as hell to shut up our impoverished relatives on CB, once more.


Let the schadenfreude flow, so to speak.

I suppose I’m like most folks, a little tired of all the BS from 12anon folks, and lack of info from the PAC. I hope what this all means is that no news (leaks) will be good news.


Since when did a private ecclesiastical school located next to a sewerage treatment plant become a relative?

USU = Little Brother

WSU, SUU, Utech = Sisters of the Poor

East Provo = Hopelessly Insane Homeless People who mutter to themselves, scream at the sunshine, and sniff parking meters like dogs.



I think this may be the be high point of Dick Harmon’s recent career.

His tone seems to have evolved a bit, into “Mark Harlan said…”, and “good for him!”, now "Arizona’s President said… " and “good for the PAC”… “good for them” (as though that would be sincere.)

Like those old lyrics, “How bizarre, how bizarre

After Tuesday he’ll have to return to pumping up the Cougs for their inaugural season in the B12… which will eventually & inevitably result in copious amounts of abuse, from frustrated BYU fans.

If the PAC invites SDSU, with the B12 subsequently inviting Fresno to achieve Yormark’s 4 timezone objective, you’ll be able to read the news in the eyes of BYU fans:

OMG, Bill Walton is right. We’re literally in a league of truck stops.


I’m just wondering if Dick has identified the person who should get a courtesy call when the key decisions are finally announced?


CB is where brain cells go to jump off a cliff.


Is that even possible? It’s akin to changing the minds of Newsmax and OAN audience – not likely.