Larry still recruiting - some speculation

We know Larry is still recruiting with 2 open scholarships, and rumors say he’s working the transfer portal pretty hard. The team need is a big. A stretch 4 would be ideal. With that in mind I spent an gour digging around in the transfer portal just to see what’s out there. Here’s what I found. Would not be surprised if Larry is chasing one or two of these kids.

Yor Anei 6’10" 235lbs PF Oklahoma State: Shot blocker and rebounder. Not a shooter. 2 years left. Eligible immediately.

Elton Datcher 6’10" 255lbs PF Mississippi State: Never really established himself in their rotation. Redshirted last year. Grad transfer. Eligible immediately.

Bryan Penn-Johnson 7’0" 245lbs C from Washington: Former Wasatch Academy player who was the #1 ranked recruit in Utah a couple of years ago. Never played much at UW. Big wingspan. Can block shots and rebound. Not a shooter. Late to the game so he’s still very raw. 2 years left. May have to sit a year.

All of these kids have size but none of them are shooters. Anyone picked up any rumors?

I hope we can get one of these guys. We need players.

I’m still on the fence with Larry. Way too much turnover. He needs to make a statement this year.

Without any new players we are looking at one senior and two juniors on the team. Getting tired of that.

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One other potential name (and this is pure speculation; i have no inside info here) is Blake Hinson from Ole Miss. 6’7, 230, 32% from downtown. Two years left. Probably has to sit a year.

Additionally, we have that offer out to Brandon Lieb, the 7 footer who would almost certainly redshirt if he signs.

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How can you still be on the fence with that clown??? What does he not suck at when it comes to coaching?

Because…I figure that he knows more about coaching basketball than I do. I’m just tired of the exodus of players.

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There are lots of people that know a lot about basketball. He’s just not good at coaching… especially considering his massive salary.

Larry does piss off nearly every BYU fan I know, so he’s got that going for him


Boylen’s one fond memory for me is his sendup of Gordon Monson. Larry should be celebrated for attempting to end it with BYU.


Im fairly convinced that you could start any ute basketball related topic and within 5 posts it would descend into “I hate Larry! Larry sucks!”. We get it. Virtually everyone agrees he is gone if we dont make the tournament this year (although that may change depending on budget cuts around the university…)

Lets try to stay on topic.


Larry sucking is the only interesting thing there is to talk about regarding mbb

“Nice of you to stop by…”

Still my favorite Boylen moment.


I think it was “show up”, but yeah.


Well a LOT of us could piss off BYU fans if we put a good effort into it, but don’t collect a 7 figure salary for doing so.

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I do it for free.


Hinson committed to Iowa State this morning.

The problem with Larry and his transfer woes is this: he gets good recruits, but they aren’t enough to fill the void left by transfers, so he ends up scrambling and signing dudes that have no business on a pac12 roster. Every year we have half a dozen or so guys that are not D1 players. I mean, he even filled a spot with his son!

Does anyone have any nasty tweets of Larry’s from years ago? If so, please make them public.

Larry’s son is a walkon. He is not filling a scholarship.


Lieb was offered last night by Illinois. Its gonna be tough to beat a Big 10 school.

He’s still on the team when everyone knows he isn’t good enough.

I don’t care who the walk ons are.

You have to make up reasons to complain about Larry. The losing is the reason.