Larry gone

Hearing reports Larry K was fired.

Roger Powell Jr. Back to SLC?

There are some indications that it was a resignation on Larry’s part rather than a firing.

Either way, it will be very interesting to see who Harlen is able to land, and how quickly. That will go a long way toward explaining whether Coach K left unexpectedly, of his own volition, or was nudged out.

I wonder how many players will bail with Larry gone.

What many wanted. Now it remains to be seen who will come in and pick up the pieces. Likely looking at a great many players transferring out. Would really like to see Ian and Jantunen stay.

Statement from Utah Director of Athletics Mark Harlan - University of Utah Athletics (

We could very well be in the same boat as we were when Larry came in. Most of the current players leaving and a patchwork lineup that will get killed for at least a couple of years.

I hope they drop the prices of season tickets if they want people in the seats.


Whether he resigned or was fired is a matter of semantics I suppose. But whoever we have coaching and playing I’ll be there in the Hunty to cheer them on. Likely looking at some rough years the next few seasons, but I sat through the last years of Boylen and the first couple of PAC12 seasons, so not like we haven’t been through struggles before.

I’m not saying the program was headed for the stars but I fear we may head backwards. There was a good core returning.

I hope in three or four years we’re not all wondering why the hell we let Larry go.


Harlan asked him to leave. Sounds like a firing, not a resignation.

Harlan’s says the buyout if being funded from athletic dollars (not school or state funds). I suppose that could mean donor specific funds.


I doubt that Larry will tamper with the existing players like Boylen did. Let us not forget the mass migration out after Boylen was because he was contacting his guys and telling them it would be a bad idea to stay. Of course, the transfer portal didn’t exist then, but depending on the coach we may be able to retain a lot of these guys.

And… let’s be honest, as presently constituted we were not going to be busting down the doors to the sweet 16 any time soon.

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While I really liked K3 – he is a very good man – this move may prove the best for Utah basketball. I understand and respect that not everyone agrees. The view I developed last year actually was that what we see is as good as it was going to get. After nine years and now a decade, it was clear at least to me that K3 had reached his ceiling. But I do feel some pain in his departure and wish him all the luck in the world.

Obviously, Harlan has a tough task in front of him.


Without getting into specifics I can say that Larry was not beloved by local coaches and I know a few parents in the local basketball scene who are hardcore Utes and also hardcore Larry haters.

I’m not saying that for any other reason, because I know you aren’t going to please every one, than I don’t know that he did a lot to ingratiate himself in the local basketball scene, or what exists of it. And truth be told, maybe it isn’t worth it.


It’s too bad Hill/Harlan didn’t give Larry a chance to get his own guys in the program.


Yeah, I dunno about this decision… a decade doesn’t seem like much of a chance to get things rolling.


haha… I don’t know, maybe give him another decade or two

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Ok, I’m not surprised that LK is gone. I just didn’t expect this academic year. I expected next year. But who am I to say it was good timing or not?

I hope that whoever comes in can do to the men’s BBall program what McBride did to the football, and bring it back to respectability. I’ll worry about more, once that respectability happens.