Justin Holliday on Twitter saying that Utah has fired Guy Holliday

Anyone else hearing this? Or did it happen and I missed it.

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maybe because we’ve been losing WR’s or maybe that’s the reason why we’ve had some guys enter the transfer portal.

I’m not sure what’s going on

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Bringing in promising QBs and losing WRs like Thompson & Nacua doesn’t add up.

No idea about the details - don’t want to know.


This is such odd timing. Does Utah have someone waiting in the wings? What is going on?

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He’s deleted the tweet…

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It’s deleted, but someone on FB saved a screenshot. Um…yikes.

Dunno if Guy shares the same sentiments, but his son is pissed.

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Sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. Keep it coming guys.


Not surprised that the Tweets are deleted but I doubt that means anything has changed. The question I have is did Thompson, Nacua, etc., enter the portal because of Holiday or because they werent getting targeted? That will be interesting to hear the details.


Screenshots of tweets are here, for anyone curious.

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It’s not a good look from his kid.

I get that family is alway number 1, but there’s no way Guy would be on board with that, especially before any announcements have been made.

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He is still on the Ute football webpage

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This is what doesn’t make any sense. Any given kid that wants to make a change… wish him the best. TWO of our best contributors, in close succession? Something smells.

ESPECIALLY now that we have an influx in both proven and promising QB talent that should be able to get the ball to them.

It’s not like we have a couple of 5 star WRs in the wings and they see the handwriting. Incoming talent is a dynamic we see more & more, it’s understood, no bad feelings (Jason Shelley, Sioasi Mariner).

Recruiting is both incoming and retention nowadays. Not sure if there were other things happening that caused Thompson & Nacua to bolt, but on retention alone, a justifiable change.

Find a young, up & coming WR coach who can recruit AND teach and coach up. They’re out there - find one who is a good fit.

This is what we told them last year - that we have an influx of proven and promising QB talent. Our amazing incoming transfer ended up really struggling, and the frustration was visible (at least in Kuithe). I don’t want a new senior transfer QB every year if I’m in the WR corps. I want them to pick someone and go with that person for a few years.

To be fair, our coaching staff recognized this too and went with Rising last year. If Cam doesn’t get hurt, do we still lose Thompson? I hope the staff recognizes this again. Like I’ve said repeatedly, Baylor guy should have to win the QB competition by a country mile in order to get the nod.

WR corps improved dramatically under Halliday, but the exodus is concerning. We owe him at least for getting us up on that next rung, but we also have a lot of room to improve.

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the last few years Utah has has elevated the talent at the WR position IMO. Lots of that credit has to go to Guy H.

I don’t like the optics of letting someone go now, but surely there is a lot more to this than I know.

I’d rather see what they did with Scalley, maybe a demotion and reduction in pay and a probation period, but maybe they’ve already done some of that?

Apparently, Guy denied being fired on 1280 the Zone this morning.

I’d nothing else the internet is great for wild speculations. Not just here but the politics category as well. Get people worked into a nice lather. :grinning:

I’m not sure if I believe this. What do others think?