Is Utah the best team in the Pac-12?

I would say Arizona probably is right now, but Utah is only one game off their pace (8-1 vs. 8-2). Utah actually has REALLY good wins. Do not underestimate how good that win over BYU really is. That win at Saint Mary’s is also proving to be really good. As likely will be that win over Hawaii. Plus Utah beat Wake Forest. If you compare Utah and Arizona, are the Wildcats really that much better? Both teams have losses to top tier teams (Purdue and Houston). The only difference is that Arizona doesn’t currently have that second loss like Utah does vs. St. John’s. That being said, I think Utah might be undefeated right now if Keba Keita hadn’t missed those two games he did. What if Hawaii beats Nevada and then wins the Diamondhead Classic? That’s a REALLY good win too. I think this could be the year Utah wins the Pac-12 in men’s basketball. They look just as good if not better than every other team in the league right now.

There is no probably about it: Arizona is the best team.


Not to take anything away from last week’s win but I think it remains to be seen whether Byu is really a good team. Their net non-conf SOS is very poor at 259.


I’m still glad we beat them.


They’re going to at least the final 4, right? :wink:


Now that’s funny.


Houston and St. Johns showed that Utah still struggles defensively against athletic teams. I haven’t watched any other PAC teams, so I have no idea how good the league is.


I don’t really know either. But Oregon and Southern Call both just got their hats handed to them by Syracuse and Auburn, respectively.


I couldn’t care less where that FCS school in Provo is ranked. Beating their entitled butts is worth it.


Go Syracuse!!!

It looks like this is Arizona’s world in MBB, and the rest of the conference is just living in it. Now if our residence gets us enough wins and, quality ones at that, where we make it to March Madness then so be it. With that stated, I do remember some of our conference partners having perceived slow starts only to flip the switch come conference time.

Cautious optimism would be prudent. Oh, and BYU sucks.


You could have just said that and gotten a red star from me.


UCLA loses at home to Cal State Northridge to fall to 5-5.

Lazar starting & averaging 11 pts/game.


Some interesting scores last night.

Western Carolina 63 Vandy 62
Indiana 69 Morehead 68 A win, but really close
The Citadel 65 Notre Dame 45

Some blue bloods having a tough time of it.

During a late time out, perhaps about 20 seconds left (and Bruins down 7), fans were almost all headed to the doors. I noted Utah was in a rather similar situation at Pauley a few years ago and we saw how that one turned out.


I’m still kinda surprised that he had P5 takers, and that the taker was UCLA. I felt he barely met the level of a role player on a Ute squad. I was surprised the Bruins were even interested.

The fact that he’s starting on a 5-5 UCLA team sheds a little more light on it all.


I’m sure Lazar made some cash, but I doubt Cronin is a pleasant fellow to be around right now.

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Lazar is about the same player Utah had the last two years. His line in the loss last night was 3-14 field goals, 3-10 threes, 2-2 frees, 4 rebounds and 4 PF for a whopping total of 11 points. All in 36 minutes of PT. I understand his previous game lines are not much better but he is getting a lot of PT.

I don’t think Utah is missing him too much this year.


3-14…couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.


Nope. They have Cole Bajema as his replacement