Is this really a Utah thing?

My family does chocolate gravy and biscuits. So I’ve seen “weird” dishes. But this? Anyone know if this real and is it good?


But this is image

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That’s a 1950s white lady thing. My grandma from Oregon/California had something similar but added sunflower seeds on top. Thankfully the recipe died with her.


I think the media has been had… again. Faux tv journalism.

As for the jello and carrots… I think that hasn’t happened since 1950. I’ve never actually seen it served anywhere ever (aside from jokes on the topic) nor do I know anyone under 60 who claims to have had it.

Jello, yes. Jello with fruit in it, yes. Jello with nuts or carrots? Never.

I wish I hadn’t seen it since 1950. But it’s still out there. now though you are correct there is more of that fluffy green jello thing going on without the carrots (or grapes). Fortunately, we have a ban on all of that nonsense in my family.

Michael J. Fox on a pony. Just… no.

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I still do a marshmallow and fruit cocktail dessert piece for Thanksgiving dinner. I add extra mandarin orange pieces to it to make it more healthy. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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Spend a little time in Wisconsin or Minnesota and you’ll see things just as seemingly odd.


I’ve lived in Utah most of my life and have never even heard of “cranberry and pickle pie”.

Looks utterly disgusting.


I have never seen cranberry pickle pie either. I have had this…


This year, instead of the marshmallow yams, we will be having this…

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Pretty sure I had it in the 80s. The women in my ward were pretty old though.


And now I’m craving funeral potatoes. Minus the death part.


Could be – just behind ice cream and cheating. :slight_smile:

In Moab, between 1982 and 1985, I was served jello with carrots, jello with celery and jello with fruit many, many times in the school lunchroom at Helen M. Knight Elementary School.


Same. I’ve seen green jello with carrots plenty of times, and in the last 30 years or so.

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There used to be a place (it might still be open) down in Loa or Torrey that sold pickle pies. They were supposedly really good.

My mom and grandmas would all make jello with carrots in it. I’m under 60 and ate it a lot as a kid and teenager. Have not had it since they have all passed away.

I’ve see green Jello with shredded carrots within the last three years. In the last 5-10 years, I’ve seen several colors of Jello combined with some combination of carrots, celery, miniature marshmallows, walnuts, canned fruit cocktail, fresh fruit, and several types of toppings including whipped cream, marshmallows and something concocted with miracle whip.

My mother, 87, stopped cooking when she moved into an assisted living center 30 months ago, otherwise, she would still be serving all of these regularly (tomorrow’s dinner would feature red Jello with whole canned cranberries, mandarin oranges, walnuts, and the miracle whip based topping). Both of my grandmothers and everyone of my aunts, on both sides of the family also served all of these and other combinations I’ve thankfully forgotten. Most of my aunts are no longer alive or no longer cooking, but every one of their daughters still serves these things regularly, and probably several grand-daughters do as well.

I have not been in a Chuck-a-rama for decades, but they used to always have a variety of Jello salads; I cannot imagine that has changed.

This Utah tradition, may be fading, but it’s not close to being dead, (and, Thank God, I’m no longer a little boy who is forced to at least try a little of everything :frowning: ).

Jello, in any form, is NOT ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE.


Y’all are apparently better Mormons than me. I wonder why I’ve been left out. I wonder if neighborhood kids were forbidden from playing with me… “RockerUte’s family doesn’t have carrots in jello… and don’t even believe it exists. I just don’t feel comfortable sending my kids there.”

I still maintain the pickle and cranberry pie is a prank. Literally never even HEARD of that.

But I will add one Utah thing (or at least I think it is) - egg casserole. Nasty 99% of the time, but if you get a good one… amazing.