Is this really a big deal in Utah?

I never knew this was a thing. I have been in Utah a few times in the past couple of years but typically near the National Parks and down by four corners and I don’t remember seeing it.

My people (Californians) cause traffic jams for the Chick-Fil-A of burgers, the overrated In-N-Out. Is it hype because of the religious stuff or is it really that good? For the record, there are burgers worth waiting for in LA, just not In-N-Out. The fries suck. That said, a good burrito from Burritos La Palma is worth it.

I may have to try one of these sodas if they are legit. Do they put cocaine in any of them? I’m kind of an old-school soda guy.

If someone asked me for a “small Italian job” my mind wouldn’t go to soda.


Mine wouldn’t got there either, but it probably wouldn’t go where I think yours was headed :slight_smile:

A great old film from my youth! The scenes with the Austin Mini’s are fabulous.

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That’s why you order no ice or lite ice. You get at least 2 more cents worth of liquid!!!

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I just spent $5 a cookie (yep it was worth it) in NYC. So, I’m good for that price point to try it once.
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My wife spends over $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s every day, so there is that…

I bought a $400 automatic expresso machine about 18 years ago, and people thought I was foolishly spending money. It’s a Saeco machine, that is highly reliable. I’ve saved a small fortune.


this solidifies a bid to the SEC after this tidbit


LOL, we have a Krispy Kreme and a Dunkin that cause issues here. So glad I don’t go to either.

I’m not sure where “here” is in your quote, but all the Dunkin in Utah closed during the shutdown of 2020.

As my name says, Carolina. In particular east of Raleigh about an hour on the I-95 corridor.

I’d probably line up for Lexington BBQ.

Dunkin is huge in the east. In Boston, it seems like there one on every corner. Popular for both donuts and coffee.

I think I’ll be in the vicinity of Lexington this weekend. There are a couple of races that’ll finish up a fall series in Salisbury. Reminds me. If you’re near Concord, NC check out The Buzzed Viking. They have really good stuff.

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Utah appears to have lost all chain donut stores save for the rare KrsioyKreme. Havent seen a Winchell’s in 20 years or so… Mayhaps there’s one scattered out somewhere tho. Mostly its the local/regional stores or actual bakeries filling thqat gap

Dunkin has a pretty big footprint in the south trying to take Krispy Kreme’s share. Also, a random is Duck Donuts out of NC as well. The odd one that I’ve seen coming from way north is Tim Horton’s. Which doesn’t hit the same outside of Canada.

Do you think the lack of chains in Utah is due to the whole hot caffeine? Coffee is a major player in the bottom line.

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When Winchell’s was a big thing, I remember going there a buying a couple of dozen and a cup of coffee. Then my friends and I would break into the Orem City Library and watch movies from their VHS collection. One of my friends worked at the library and snuck us in after they closed for the day. None of us felt like we could afford movie tix and concessions so this was our alternative. It wasn’t until years later libraries started renting movies to patrons, allowing all to enjoy what a bunch of HS nerds got to do many years before.

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Uncle Ted basically took out Winchell’s in LA after working for them.

Oddly enough I have a few donut shop clients that are Cambodian immigrant owned. They are wonderfully run.

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Utah is unique in the number of “local” or regional chains that thrive and the relative lack of national chains in same industry. Look at Harmon’s or Macey’s. Obviously the family that run’s Crown/Apollo/can’t think of the 3rd one Burgers. Yes there is Albertson’s, or at least was, the Smith’s (now Kroger iirc).

Here in NC we don’t have local chains. We have local mom and pop places, or large national/regional chains. The regionals that I can think of are Sheetz and Duck Thru; both are gas station related stuff, with Sheetz also doing fast food. We have Kroger variations in Harris Teeter and Kroger. The other biggie that I can think of is Food Lion.

Just a couple of observations.

Just curious. Any Dunkin Donuts (who entered the Utah market a few years ago) left? The one on 72th near my home closed as did the one across fourth south from the city library.