Is it legal to just laugh hysterically at the Zoobs here?

I’m not a Utahn, so I give approximately zero F’s about BYU. Iff they’re forced to play a Division II schedule, that’s just fine with me.

Maybe this will finally end the games with that pathetic school, so we play real games against real P5 schools that are interesting to the playoff committee and ESPN.



2020 has been nuts, but the ongoing spectacle of micro bursts of self/group delusion, leading to the inevitable cold hard reality for Cougar fans as they set themselves up over and over again to be disappointed, has been a nice distraction of levity.

It’s like a 3 ring circus of weirdity, slap fighting among themselves over stuff nobody else in the nation thinks is worthy of thought, to the flying trapeze act where the artists somehow think vaseline is better than chalk for getting a grip.

  • Big 10 announces conference only - oh no!
  • Pac follows suit - oh no!
  • Then “We’re playing Bama!”
  • SEC conference only - oh no!
  • now fears the Big-12 won’t invite (for the 47th time), “but maybe they’ll schedule us, which could lead to…”
  • “why would the MWC want a scheduling agreement with us?”
  • “Our recruiting is Really going to suck!”
  • “Why won’t Holmoe speak to us?”
  • “Maybe the AAC will save us!”

It’s definitely wild to peer in there. It’s like watching 3 comedies at the same time.


And their most recent travails started with the tissy fit that made them to independent. So much schadenfreude here. I want to ignore them, and much of the time I succeed, but it’s still funny and satisfying that they only have themselves to blame.

Those closer to the situation, in Utah, how close is the BYU fanbase to imploding?


You want to know the truth about BYU fans at least in SL County? It is pretty hard to find many who will admit they are fans… and no I’m not kidding. You don’t see Y gear, stickers or license plates very often in my little part of the valley. Most of the remaining fans have been beaten into submission really. Couple that with what has been just truly awful and uninteresting seasons since going independent…

So short answer is I can’t really say.


It’s what a meth habit must be like.
5 minutes of amigdula driven pleasure flowed by an hour of paranoia and regret.


I think it’s going to go on for quite some time
I don’t see them dispensing with football. I think their best money is to get back in the Mountain West. Maybe never should have left. Does not need to be decided…
They had some great games outside of a conference and you know they had some surprising wins and some good wins as well
Good for them I suppose.
I’m tired of playing BYU - because it’s obligatory - and I would just
prefer to do the same: play our own tough conference and get in some marquee games. Enjoy other venues while bringing other great teams here.

But you know, play them every three or four years and play USU as well. Body bag some of other local schools and give them some money. A rising tide races all boats.


Watching TDS get twisted right now is like watching the world’s most horrific train wreck. You know you should not look at it, but you can’t help yourself…and all the while knowing they did this to themselves.


I don’t think that I can disagree with you on any point.

I would add to part of yours and the MWC. I think you should have left it at, BYU never should have left. Between them, Boise, SDSU, and sometimes USU the MWC would have been interesting to watch.

Yeah, BYU has had some good wins and games since going independent, but they’re not Notre Dame. BYU isn’t going to rake in the type of cash or viewership that ND does. Sometimes, its good to know yourself and your limits.

Well, we’ve discussed BYU ad nauseum for how long? Too long really. Hope they get their crap together. Other than that I’d like to forget them.

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They have, but they have not yet won as an independent against a top 25, P5 team (using final season rankings, the only rankings that make any sense to use).


To be honest, losing to BYU is kind of a season buster - and I can say that because once upon a time Utah used to be like that. But how many early season ranked teams has BYU beat and then that team crumbles to pieces.

Yeah, big wins against OU, UT, Nebraska, and USC. Turns out, none of those teams were top 25.


Very good point, I had forgotten about that. Just remember them beating OU, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and I think someone else.

I agree they’re not ranked wins, but beating Nebraska was optically fortuitous. keeps the echo chamber cacophony going.
They got miliage for another day (except that late, hack-hit which ruined that poor guys knee…).

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I do recall that hit, that was just hard to see once, let alone more than that.

Speaking of Nebraska, it’s been kinda hard to pay attention to them since they haven’t been particularly good for a long while. They seem to be living on their name at least as much as BYU. Not trying to highjack the thread, I was just making an observation.

Don’t forget the infamous grundle punch.
Stay classy…

David Locke always called them ‘barometer U’ because IF they beat a name school, that name school went on to have a well below average season. When they would lose and lose big to a name school, that usually meant that team was going to be good.

byu almost never beats a team that finishes in the top 25 and I don’t know if they’ve ever beaten a top 10 team, if so it rarely happens.

Of course I never feel bad for their delusional fans, but I do feel kind of bad for the players. They deserve to be able to play, if there is a season.


Yep. I still recall in the early 80’s they beat (then) #3 Pitt. Pitt finished the season 3-7-1 IIRC.

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1990 vs Miami is easily the best win in BYU history. The Hurricanes finished #3 in the AP poll that year.


Oh yeah, how could I forget that?
That was a big win for sure, but those players probably have grandkids by now.
Have they beaten any other team that finished in the top 10?