Interesting. Rumor coming out of Bay Area about this year's football schedule

Cancel all non-league games, push start date back 1 week, plan 11 game schedule against all PAC-12 teams.


That would be great. They should do that every year. With one Big10 crossover.

Maybe people will realize that nobody actually cared about Stanford/ND or USC/ND.


That would be fine with me. We’d have football!

So I suppose that would mean these 3 games go away and we’d add to our schedule Stanford and Oregon, the 2 PAC-12 teams we are not presently scheduled to play:


I wonder what BYU would do if other P5 conferences decide to do the same thing? Take the contract buyout and play only 5 games? 7 of their 12 opponents this season are in P5 conferences.


Rumor is in a conference-only national situation, BYU would play the other Independents… twice. (I’m not joking.)

Liberty home & home, Massachusetts home & home, New Mexico State, etc.

Besides being hilarious, that may signal the middle part of the end of their program. (The beginning was either Ronnie Mac or PAC-mas.)


They could play each independent Army, Liberty, UConn, UMass, NMState, and ND. That’s basically becoming their conference anyway, minus ND.

This made my day. Thank you Ma-ake.


It would be cheaper for TDS to simply take the money and run away until next year. Their fans won’t attend a ■■■■ schedule. Given the only sellout they had last season was against us, and if the rest of the P5 bails en masse from their schedule, all they would have less is an unwatchable mess.

Ok, maybe they cobble together a bus league schedule just to have something, but they will lose money doing it.


There has been rumor floating around also (and this is waaaay out there) that their schedule could be:

Liberty (x2)
UMass (x2)
NM State (x2)
Army (x2)
UConn (x2)

10 game schedule unless they can get a game with Notre Dame.

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So many factors and we’ll know a lot more in a few months than we do now.

We also have the complication that the state of Oregon has reportedly already said no large events (including football) through the end of September.

If Ronnie Mac was the beginning, then Urban was the middle, Whitt/Pac-12 is the final chapter, and independence was just the epilogue.


Anyway, back to Utah. This would be an upgrade in every way. Just like the pandemic has taught people that they can work from home, this could teach the P5 that they don’t need the G5 conferences. A true round robin would be a dream come true.


I’d have no problem with this, were it to happen. But I cannot see it. How does it solve any of the problems, other than starting the season a week later? In fact, it would create more new problems than it would solve.

Wouldn’t it cost the conference a ton of $$$ to cancel all of the non-conference games?

I’m probably the only Ute fan who was kind of looking forward to driving to Laramie and watch the Utes destroy WYO.

What would Notre Dame do with their schedule? They still have too much influence to be dropped off a lot of team’s schedules.


Could get complicated. Let’s say Utah cancels 3 non-conference games.

Montana State doesn’t come here for their $$$ body bag game. Do we still have to pay them their fee for a game that wasn’t played?

BYU doesn’t play here. Does that just mean next game against them is in Provo in 2021?

We don’t go to Laramie. Does that mean the Cowboys return visit (2025 I believe) is off?

Here’s a scenario: PAC teams agree to have all their players tested/re-tested, possibly have a TV-only season.

Problems with this scenario, unquestionably, but I have a hard time envisioning the PAC exposing their athletes to a broader geographical cross section of players than necessary.

This would be the social distancing college football season… which also adds some distance between P5 & G5 and those wandering in the wilderness, like BYU.

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I don’t know anything about Notre Dame. This is only for the PAC-12, not the NCAA in general. It obviously wouldn’t work in a conference like the SEC which IIRC has 14 teams.

As far as costing money, it might but not significant. I have a hard time thinking that buying out the game with UW-Laramie would be that expensive, either that or the H/H would be cancelled and the return game scheduled as a money game for UW-L. Likewise for Montana State. BYU-Provo would be another animal as the most likely scenario would be to cancel the H/H this game is part of. I have a hard time seeing BYU-P being willing to be a Utah money game.

Amen and amen.

I wish I could remember who it was that said it. It may have been Spence Eccles but don’t quote me because I honestly don’t know. Not a direct quote but something to the effect that Mac turned the ship around and eventually caught Lavell, Urban passed BYU and Kyle is leaving them further and further behind.

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