I have an appointment with Johnson & Johnson

I actually called the number provided (waited 30 minutes) and was told that it’s OK to go for the shot even if you’re “only” 50. They admit that the website says 50 and over can be vaccinated now.

Further evidence:

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By the way, BMI is a horrible indicator of health. Zach Moss at 5’9" and 223lbs has a BMI of 32.93, making him obese by that index and eligible for the vaccine.

I can safely say, Zach Moss is not obese.


Sure but most of us out here are roaming the streets with bodies less like Zach Moss.


Hey man, I feel like if I got going down a steep enough slope I might smash through defenders like Moss.


I am scheduled for Saturday afternoon in farmington. No idea what one I will get, they told me that people take whats available and my favorite vaccine is, as Dr Dunn said, the one that is available!

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I did the same thing. 1:30 tomorrow in Provo. I really hate to drive through that county down south but I’ll make an allowance for this purpose.

My wife and I both received the first shot of Pfizer today and boy was it a breeze. We arrived at the Davis County facility, handed the guy our form and ID, drove inside the arena, received some verbal info from the nurse and received the shot. The whole process took less than 25 minutes, including the 15 minute waiting period.

Davis County is mostly Pfizer as of today.


Got my first shot on Monday. The sore arm reminded me of the Cholera shot. The Wednesday fugue state was a little interesting, though.

For whatever reason, when people were telling me about stuff they did “yesterday,” I mentally attributed those thing to being done on Monday, so when talking with everyone I was a day off. I did all my Wednesday meetings but kept running into issues due to that whole “Tuesday” thing.

When I got home that night, I walked in the door and my daughter said, “Dad I need to show you something.” We went to the kitchen and there was a coffee cup sitting on the coffeemaker. Not that me brewing up a second cup and forgetting it is unique, so my thought about her twisted glee was, “And???” She then said, “Check the cup.” So, I checked the cup. It was a clean, unused cup. It seems I set things up to brew, then totally forgot to do it…and thought I had done it and had drank it. My wife and kids had a good laugh about it.

Since it hasn’t been documented, I hereby add “COVID Shot Brain” to the list of side effects. You don’t really lose a day, but your brain definitely takes a flyer on you. It’s either that or I was just that overrun by work.

Please let April 19-23 get here soon. I want my annual road trip to St. George this year. By then both my wife and I will be fully vaccinated.

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I got Moderna. No question there’s a serious sense of relief, of liberation, it’s a major anxiety eraser.

The first shot was minor soreness at the point of injection, the 2nd shot brought slightly more noticeable symptoms, a little achy. Colleagues have been wiped out for up to a day & half with “can’t get out of bed” level symptoms.

I didn’t feel the urge to rush out and go maskless everwhere and giggle and swagger into a bar and declare myself free. Still mask where applicable, of course, this is a public problem & I’m part of the public.

Fortunately we’re all going to be protected, and soon, but to be stone-cold sober about things, I wouldn’t declare a complete return to normalcy. Expect another vaccine in the fall to deal with variants, and keep practicing common sense precautions. The Brazil & South African variants are causing angst among scientists, but there’s good reason to think we’ll be able to overcome these, too.

Survey - How many of you caught the cold or the flu this winter? In my circle, almost nobody got sick this year… a by product of Covid precautions. More questions than answers on this ancillary revelation, but I no longer think the Asians I’ve seen in airports wearing masks were needlessly paranoid.

Covid will be a problem for at least a few years, but science & building the manufacturing & distribution capabilities will win. And just exercise a little common sense. Wash your hands like your mom told you.

I just got an appointment for March 20!

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I did enjoy a recent conversation with someone who basically in the same sentence said, “Masks are ridiculous and don’t work and same with social distancing; I’m usually good for a couple of colds a winter and I haven’t gotten anything this year!”

Sometimes you just smile and say, “Wow! That is so weird!”


Yeah, people are odd. Proximity does wonders for illness transmission. Influenza is way down also.

Back to the subject at hand. Of the vaccines, the one that I’ve been most interested in is the J&J one. One shot, fewer side effects (supposedly), covers what I’m most concerned about (the worst of the covid effects).

There is good advice from Mom. It’s a great carry over for me from so many years in foodservice. When in doubt wash your hands, still not sure? Wash them again. I haven’t been seriously ill from a virus in years due to the wash your hands axiom.

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I’m solidly in the general public bucket (it keeps changing, but likely 16-59 will be the span). I did some math (for CO) and we should have enough doses for 70% of adults (depends on how many are willing to get it, could be lower) by mid-May, so I’m hoping late Apr/early May will be my spot. I’m #609 on Kaiser’s waiting list for that phase once it opens up, which I assume will mean I will be near the front of the line when it’s my phase’s turn. I’ll take whatever they have.

I have started hearing about more and more people ‘vaccine stalking’ where they call Walgreens at the end of the day and ask if there are any leftovers. I don’t know how I feel about this, but surely feel it’s better to get into people’s arms than go to waste. But if they could have last minute people on call in the current phase, then we’ll get to the next one sooner.

My family has had no colds or flu in a year. We have been quite cautious, but between masks and washing hands, none of the regular coughs, running noses, occasional fevers it seems like my kids rotate through.

I hope we continue washing hands well, stay home when sick, and wear a mask if we are sick and need to go out. Between the two, it will keep spread down through respiratory droplets/aerosol (suspended or landed then touched). In regards to Asia (we adopted our son from Korea), they not only wear masks for illness, but also for pollution/air quality and sometimes just to keep their face warm in colder months (mixed with inversion/pollution in the same months). I don’t know why the perception is that you are weak or weird/paranoid in this country (pre- or during- pandemic).

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I always get a cold in December or January, and I then have to fight off a sinus infection. This year I got a very minor cold (I really don’t know how I managed that) and a bit of sinusitis. I consider that a significant victory.


I was talking to a friend who in Utah doesn’t yet meet the age requirement but does meet the co-morbidity requirement. He was reluctant at first to sign up to get the vaccine ahead of his age schedule but then heard about Walmart locally dumping vaccine. We talked about that and how basically everyone getting a vaccine at this point is doing good by society in helping achieve herd immunity. He ultimately decided to sign up. I’m with you, I’d rather not waste it.

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My daughter had a terrible chest cough for a couple of weeks in January last year, just before we learned about COVID. Everyone else caught a bit of something from her and had a fever and chills for a couple of days. Wondering now if it was early COVID.

A day of blah here and there, but so far, on the whole we’ve been healthy as horses.

My family hasn’t had as much as the sniffles since January of last year. I haven’t had as much as a cold for over two years now. I used to get sick A LOT and am in contact with a lot of people all the time and so I became a hand sanitizer junkie long before the pandemic made it cool. :wink:

Seriously though, I had made an earnest effort to wash my hands much much better and avoided touching my face and it made a big difference.

I think it is a good idea that everyone avoid touching your face.