I have an appointment with Johnson & Johnson

…next Thursday morning! IHC is taking appointments for next week for 50+ year-olds. Couldn’t be more excited.

Another step toward football season.


haha. I like the way you think. I’m gonna go catch an FCS game this week. Can’t wait to feed the addiction.

Do I have to wait until Monday to schedule an appointment?

I’m very glad I got my Double Pfizer dose. Kentucky is burning through it and even us dudes in our 40s are vaccinated. I may ride down to TSU my local HBCU for a football game.

No. Do it now through your county health department.


For salt lake county…

Appointments for People 50+ in SLCo - Health Department | SLCo

This is correct --I just scheduled mine today and my appointment is already 2 1/2 weeks out.

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Well, in theory I have an appointment tomorrow at the Salt Palace.

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How can you tell what vaccine you are going to get?

I asked when I walked in. I was bummed. I wanted the Dolly Parton one. I’m just glad to have it though.

I don’t know, other than I’m getting one of the two dose varieties. I’m still having trouble figuring out how I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow.

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@NewbombTurk you can sign up now!!! DO IT!!!


I have an appointment tomorrow.


The first shot sucked for me. Just sore arm for a few days. No issues second shot. My wife got a huge red mark on her arm but it’s what happens in about 1/3rd of patients. Then on her second shot she got the symptoms for like 24 hours. That happens with 50% of people I heard. So, on the second shot schedule light work for like 36 hours in case you have a reaction like hers.

I signed up by calling IHC’s vaccine number (google it). They told me that the vaccine I would get would be based upon which location I signed up for. My wife and I wanted one of the 2 dose vaccines, and our only option to get it soon, was to go to their Provo location on Tuesday. We’re signed up.

Also, everyone, PLEASE BE AWARE****

The IHC site allows you to sign up as a 50 and older with no comorbidities, even though the Governor’s announcement was that 50+ w/o COMO would have to wait until Monday to book appointments.

The utah.gov site, allows to to go into the appointment selection code if you are over 50, BUT IT REQUIRES YOU TO ATTEST THAT YOU ARE OVER 65. I chose not to do this as I wasn’t sure if this was new/incomplete code, or might be subject to having my appointment cancelled, as my birthday would not agree with the attestation.

(Oh and - this whole thing sort of reminds me of trying to get bowl tickets right after the matchup announcement :slight_smile: )

I’m sure they’d rather put it in an arm than throw it away. At least I’d hope so…

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I checked the “NO” box when it asked if I was 65 and it still let me book an appointment. So, in theory, I get my first dose tomorrow.


Interesting, and hour ago when I tried that it would not let me move forward. It sounds like people are changing, testing (maybe), and deploying code frequently today.

Congrats! My wife is getting her shot tomorrow. Pfizer.