I’d like to report a murder

Ouch!!! Hope Zach can find a doc for that trip to the burn ward.

Steve was funny & it was college smack… but it’s true.

Why do people think Wilson will be the 2020 version of Wilson? Covid was very, very kind to the Cougs, and to Zach.

Against our defense… different story. Wait until the NFL defenses feast.

He’s a good kid, and confidence is essential to being a good QB. But really…

Sam Darnold was a really good QB in a much tougher league than ZW has auditioned in. And he’s average, at best. It’s a different game, completely different level.


Yeah, Darnold was a much better college player, based on the competition. Wilson may thrive but he’s just as likely to be the next Jimmer.


Good for Zach, but he has a lot of work at the next level to get competitive then keep that edge.

Zach and the Cougars saw their schedule diluted as the major conferences essentially went to conference only games and they thrived against the weaker opponents that replaced those P5 teams.

Remains to be seen how he fares in the pros. Lots of great college players end up failing to meet expectations (and sometimes players not so highly regarded coming out of college thrive in the pros.) Whether coming out of a power conference or a lesser one, the step up to the NFL is a huge one.

I wish Zach well. He’s a local high schooler who wanted to be a Ute growing up.

I wish the kid well. What’s interesting to me about his story is that although he did not play against top-level competition, the NFL “wise men” think he’s the real deal. There must be something they are seeing. Time will tell.

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Stop it, you two. This is a board for Ute fans, not wishy-washy well-wishers. We don’t root for Cougars.


Yeah, that’s a painful thought.

I’m a Zach Wilson well-wisher, in that I don’t wish him any specific harm.

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Similar arguments could be make for Trey Lance, so interesting to see how the #2 and #3 picks compare over the years. I think the 49ers are in a much better position (coaching, traded up while having an injury-riddled year) than the JETS (qb killers)

I was thinking a bit on this. Going back to Brett Favre, didn’t he go to So. Miss? If so, there is at least some precedence for Wilson to have a decent NFL career. What about Steve Young, he wasn’t exactly playing against top flight competition at BYU in the 80s.

Anyway, I did not do a deep dive on either QB that I mentioned, that was just off the top of my head.

Who was the last Jets QB who had some sustained success? Nameth?

If ZW has a few successful years in New York it could be enough to get him into the Jets Ring of Honor. The bar is low. Really really low.

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Pretty sure the most recent QB to succeed with the Jets was Flash Gordon. Of course he also saved the universe so the upside potential is HIGH.


The New York Metropolis…a place where athletic careers go to die then be reborn in a real place.

To be clear, I generally have a benign attitude toward former BYU players as long as they were not jerks while they played. If they were, they usually need a few years to grow up before I can stand them. (Danny Ainge, Austin Colley, etc.) Zach was not a jerk (and never beat Utah anyway). If he becomes another Jimmer in the BYU-related sports news media, I’ll just ignore him, as I do with all BYU players who turn pro.

I met Shawn Bradley after he retired and he is an excellent man. In fact, most former BYU players I’ve met are fine fellows. They mostly went to BYU because they had a scholarship, parental pressure, etc. They see it as a place they went to school and played sports, not as a place that is holier than other universities, the Harvard of the West, and so forth. I.e., they’re generally not zoobs.

There are tons of examples. Joe Flacco and Ben Roeslighberger come to mind immedately. Kurt Warner. It would not surprise me at all if Wilson is successful.

There were 5 QBs drafted yesterday (in the first round). Going by odds over the past decade, within 5 years, 2 of them will be stars, 2 will be on a different team, and 1 will be out of the league. Wilson has much a chance as the others.

And let’s not forget about the greatest of all—a recently retired comeback player of the year who emerged from the lowly MWC.

I agree, ZW has as good of a chance as anyone (save being drafted by NY Abyss). But my gut tells me to put my $$ on Trey Lance as the breakout QB.

Well, that would obviously be the best story. Fields getting revenge on SF, NY, and Jax for passing on him would also be fun to see.

If there is one thing I hate it is perspective. :wink: I prefer to think that BYU players go there because of some deep personal flaw, or because they were neglected by their mothers.

Actually truth be known, there aren’t many BYU players I dislike, it is mostly their fans collectively. And even a good number of those are pretty tolerable these days after a couple of decades of beat downs.