Hoops tonight!

Tonight vs U of Pay in the Hunty. 5PM mountain time on FS1.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

It always feels great to beat Sean Miller. Let’s make it happen!

Finishing over .500 in the conference is still a remote possibility. We are -2 now, and we have 8 games to go. We will be favored in only 3 of those 8 games (it’s not clear that all 8 will be played with all the recent postponements that have been happening). To get to .500, we’ll need a few upsets in games like tonight’s.

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wasted opportunity to wear my FBI shirt


Go good guys down 5-2 early

7-6 at the first break

Sean Miller has a job. It’ll never stop astounding me.


He should be making license plates.


Larry’s plan of not having the lead at half is working to perfection

Well, he screwed that up.

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Arizona has us right where they want us. We’re up 9.

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We’re going to lose in an unbelievable fashion aren’t we? Arizona has all the momentum.

Nah, that was the January Utes. The February Utes are an entirely different animal.


I started watching with five minutes to go and a 14 point lead. Why do I always join these games with five minutes to go? I have had horrible experiences in that timeframe.

A really nice win. Up to 5-6.

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Looks like my five-minute jinx has been broken.


F*** You Arizona.

Sorry. Just had to say that. Probably should have directed it at Sean Miller.


Oh my. Nice win!


If we do get up over .500, those back-to-back 2nd half chokes against tournament teams are gonna make us feel sick.

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I didn’t watch the game, but found this extended highlight of it. Terrific game.


Why didn’t you watch the game? They played fantastic