Hoops signing!

Norbert Thelissen, a 6’7" forward from Holland. Won’t be eligible this year. Not sure if he will be with the team this year, but he’s signed, so I imagine he will.

2019 Highlights

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He’ll reportedly be in school and with the team/on scholly but as you said, not eligible for a year.

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Just what we need. A guy named Norbert. Kidding…glad to have him.

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Don’t look now, but we are taking over the Scandinavian recruiting scene.

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So we have reestablished the “No McDonalds in the Country” to Utah pipeline. JK

Welcome to UTAH kid.

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But will he ever actually play for the Utes, that is the question.

True and we also just signed a Dutch kid :wink:


Is it? I get you hate LK, and I get it.

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It’s kinda my thing now… sorry

I really like this for a couple of reasons.

Number one, this is a guy who from highlights and stats, is very efficient scoring, especially as a spot up shooter (didnt see many highlights of him shooting off the dribble). Also uses his length and athleticism really well on defense.

But most importantly, this is insurance. I have been concerned that in 2021, we have been going all-in on payton sandfort and no one else and we have, at best, a coin flip chance with him. Now…we can still actively pursue sandfort, because in the modern game, you really cant have enough shooters with versatility. But if he goes to iowa or stanford, we have a similar player coming in and aren’t left empty handed.

Also, this is the first commitment in a long time that came out of the blue to me. The staff did a great job at keeping this under wraps until he signed.


Lol… the odds are he won’t play for us. Not good enough, disgruntled, stolen by a better program with a better coach. Any one of these outcomes is more likely than him having a noticeable impact on this team.

This is scrambling to fill spots left vacant by better players that took spots on better teams.

Hell, let’s just shut down U’s MBB program completely. Why bother? Utes fans, like TDS fans, are still living in the past by invoking 1916/1944 championships and Majerus days. Utes fans talk about history as if it had one comparable to UK/Duke/MSU/etc.

Shut down the program. Shut it all down. Happy?


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Will shutting it down get rid of LK? Yes? I’m in!

Maybe you should not follow Utes basketball until Larry is gone. It’ll save you some strain.


If I was nearly as upset about the whole thing as I make it seem you would be right. If football was happening I would not care one bit about LK

With the Thelissen commitment, the Utes are now full (13 scholarships) for the coming season.

There is 1 senior on the team (Plummer) so they currently only have 1 scholarship to offer for 2021-22. A transfer would open up a second scholie, and there WILL be a transfer. It’s the way of life in CBB these days.

What I saw…

The Good: He can jump. Runs the floor well. He has a feel for shot-blocking. Good catch and shoot. Not afraid of contact, so he rebounds. Decent quickness. May be a good passer.

Questions to be answered: Is he bouncy? Can he shoot off the dribble? Ballhandling? Does he have a left hand?

Solid get for this late in the recruiting cycle.

Bigger question: can he do any of that against decent competition?

Biggest question: will he ever actually play for the Utes?

He does seem to have decent bounce, but you hit on one of my biggest questions here; shooting off the dribble. But if he can show an ability to knock it down off the catch, Rylan Jones should be able to do the rest.