Hoops at St. Mary's

Men play a basketball game tonight at St. Mary’s. (Last time we played there was in the NIT about half a dozen years ago where we won to advance to Madison Square Garden).

Gaels were ranked earlier but lost a few (including one to Weber State) and fell out of the polls.

Any word on whether Keita will be back (we really need his strength and athleticism) or on if/when Exacte will be ready to give it a go?

That NIT win at St. Mary’s was pretty exciting. I remember Bibbins hit some big shots. Utah also played there in the 2014 NIT (Delon Wright’s first year) and lost in the first round. Didn’t play really well. If memory serves me, the Utes also played at St. Mary’s in the early 2000s toward the end of the Majerus era. Utah won in a super low-scoring game—something like 38-35.

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Is Bennett still at St Mary’s. I seem to remember that Utah and Bennett kicked each others’ tires over the years. I don’t recall how close we were to getting him or at which coaching search it was. I think it was during the Boylen search, or possibly LK that we got in some more serious talks with him. I wonder where we’d be if he was heading us up.

I’m amazed at what a blur of mediocrity Ute basketball has been since the Majerus era ended. A couple of bright spots, but it’s all hard to remember now because it all seems so same-samey.

In any event, good luck to the Utes tonight. It’d be nice to get a win under our belt, but I have my doubts. I’m also hoping we see Keita and Exacte. We HAVE TO turn our fortunes around at some point, right? Right!?


Looking good so far.

Utes on fire from deep

That #20 on St. Mary’s is fun to watch.

Utes by 15 with 4 mins left. hold on

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Yes, please hold on. This is a game you can’t lose at this point. Utes have played quite well against a pretty decent team.

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Lovering is kind of frustrating to watch. He needs to go up strong. Dude is 7-1 getting blocked by a 6-9 guy. He’s a little too soft around the basket.

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Uhh, are we witnessing an all-time choke job here?

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Way too many missed FT’s

Yeah, going to hold on, but not a pretty last two minutes. Poor defending of the three-point line and bad foul shooting.


good ole ESPN700 with technical audio issues tonight. They sounded like they broadcasted with a tin can and string and it just completely died with seconds left.

LOL, we might have the worst radio broadcast equipment in college sports.

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Nope. A victory

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This is a very good win for this team!
Massey’s algorithm places our Utes at #44.

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I wondered why it looked like Riley was talking into his cel phone during the game. He literally was.


Nothing like playing a game against a top tier team supported by third world infrastructure. :man_facepalming:


third world?

Nice road win against a quality opponent. Defense smothered the Gaels at the start of the half, then we had a great stretch of foul shooting (think it was 10 of 11 over about 4 minutes) to pull ahead.

Glad to see Keita back who had a very strong presence.

Pathetic of ESPN to have remote announcers. At times wasn’t sure who a foul was on until I checked my phone app.

Hawaii next in the Delta Center on Thursday. Tickets are very cheap to sit in close seats that usually cost at least a Ben Franklin for Jazz games. Hope we get a good turnout like we did for TCU last season.