Heard a rumor

Rumor has it there’s a game today. Utah is playing Washington today at 4. The game will be televised on PAC 12 network. GO UTES!!!


Lets go!

Some bad but mostly good in the 1st half. Carlson is looking like a really stopper with a couple of great blocks. Plummer has probably played better D than he has on O so far. Liking Larsson effort.

took a little bit to get going, but some decent play. free throws - yuck

Playing pretty well as a team for the first game of the season without normal practices the last couple of weeks.

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I’m still surprised that Allen’s shot release is so flat. I would have thought that would have been something the NBA guys told him when he had his toe in the water this summer.

no Jimmy Soto on the radio with Riley, did I miss something or is this a COVID precaution?

Utah is extremely balanced. More so than I ever remember


His game is 15 feet and in. He should have a hard red light, followed up with a stop sign on the 3 ball.


A lot of players contributing

I understand that Washington is supposed to suck, but…hey we beat them. I’ll take any positives other than Covid tests


For a first game considering the disruption when they had to quit practicing, I give this game an 8 out of 10. Missed too many FTs and had a sloppy stretch or two, but I’m pleasantly surprised.


They’re gonna be really really good this year.

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I think they have a ways to go to get to real good, but the potential is there.

Lol, they’re good, but really really good is a major exaggeration. They’ll be top 3rd of the pac12.

Top 4 should be enough to go to the tourney.

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Interesting that we scrimmaged against Weber earlier this week. Wish we would ahve just made a game of it.

Really liked what I saw. I like our top 7. Hopefully, Lahat and another wing can step up to give us a solid 9.

The closing minutes were a mess and we really need to make free throws, but those are things that can get cleaned up. Really good first game, all things considered. On to the next one!

Since he doesn’t work for the U anymore I wonder if they didn’t keep him on the radio. I really liked Soto. Him leaving is a loss for sure.

He’s listed in the Media Guide and the notes for today’s game as the color guy.

Not sure why he wasn’t there, but it doesn’t seem to be a permanent change

Solid win - this was supposed to be the make or break year for Larry before Covid hit, looks like perhaps he is on the right track.