Has everyone else received their ticket renewal info?

Seeing tons of posts on FB about people selling their tickets, but I haven’t seen any renewal info yet.

Am I the only one?

I got mine. The school’s monkeying with the fees and ticket price is ridiculous. Given the prices, I am seriously considering letting them go and just watching the games on TV instead. I could put the costs towards the purchase price of a piece of land I am looking at.


I’ve only received an email notice, nothing in print. I haven’t been able to bring myself to pull up old Quicken records to see how much our seats have changed in price since we first moved to them in the 2005 season.

The only print notification I have received is this fancy brochure about the “Ken Garff Performance Zone”

This is one of the perks of being the NEZ, among other… perky things. Still, I will probably be letting go of at least one ticket this year as my group has shrunk by moves and some pricing pressure.

That said, if anyone is interested in picking up a ticket on row 3 for base cost (including CC “donation” & fees of course) send me a message.

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Haven’t received anything yet, but i’m always one of the last to hear/receive anything.

Not sure if it is a direct function of last name being in the Q-Z range, or an indirect function of the name range, resulting in a (shall we say) less efficient CC Rep. All I know is that when everyone else has everything else, I’ll start calling to find out why I don’t have anything. :frowning:

I e-mailed the athletics department and was told the invoices will be sent in the next week or so.

That showed up here yesterday. Purty brochure, but feels like a bit of a waste, honestly.

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It’s almost a sure bet, though, that Newbomb Turk will be the last person to actually get his tickets delivered. It’s a long-held tradition he has with the ticket office.


Got the brochure yesterday. In short, my only takeaway from it was we are in the process of corporatizing things to the point the regular fan won’t be able to afford tickets anymore. All my friends in the SEZ are being pushed to the corners. At some point I expect the next renovation will kill the NEZ. Maybe it’s the flu talking, but the trends will soon have us all watching from home.

Good-Not Good

This movement was abundantly clear in the push-poll of a survey they did on stadium expansion 2 or 3 years back. By the end of it I was so pissed I totally unloaded in the “Other comments” part. You can see what affect that had. They had their minds made up and were going down that path regardless. Maybe they really have numbers that back it up. Who knows?


I know that folks in the Silicon Slopes community have been wanting to get their hands on Utah Football tickets for a while now. They want to be able to have a place to take clients other than Jazz games. I’m curious how some of the premium options are going to work without alcoholic beverage service. That’s usually a key feature of these higher level of services. Perhaps this will be a catalyst for alcohol service in the stadium as a whole.

Harlan is all about the $$ and until the renewal rate drops nothing is going to change unfortunately.

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This was all done long before Harlan got here. This was developed and implemented under Chris Hill

I would agree with that, plans for the South endzone were in motion when Harlan got here.

But I still stand by my statement. Harlan was brought here because he was a good fundraiser and got the $$.

Having a high renewal rate lets them believe they can get more money out of us. And until the numbers drop off they will keep increasing the prices. It will be interesting to see what happens to prices if/when the renewal rate drops.

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The first two “premium tiers” of seating have been in the SEZ have been unveiled. They’re expensive. Really expensive. Construction donations alone are $10,000 or $7,500 per seat. Then you get to yearly fees.

So going to a place where mere mortals shall never tread.

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They were asking people for their input so that (1) they could say they did and (2) to make some of the respondents think the athletics department had actually listened to them.


The covid-19 situation will drastically change things. Yes, they sent out the parking. Next, they’ll send renewal invoices for a season that at best will be delayed. They will soon find out unemployed prefer food, shelter and power.

There have already been rumblings from the fan base stressed to keep up with increases. Game times, crappy game experiences because long, numerous TV interruptions; it all adds up to reckoning.

Hard choices will be made as expendables become scarce. This virus at best creates a significant recession and slow recovery. At best.

University Athletic departments ought to be looking at what they can do to pare expenses, give loyal fans a break financially. They should bank some good will and loyalty instead of spending it.

Iowa St Athletics announced coaches salary freezes or cuts , eliminated bonuses. Utah should.consider following suit.

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I will VERY likely not renew anything. I was planning to renew both basketball and football, but I’m planning to retire in the next year, and watching my retirement nest egg disappear. In addition, paying a couple thousand dollars in crimson club and ticket fees for a season that very likely won’t be complete, in this economic situation seems completely crazy.

I’ve had these tickets for 23 years, and other cheaper tickets for many years before that.

Once they’re gone, I’m sure I’d never be able to get the back, so… I’m getting myself used to the idea of following football on TV, and basketball, well, who knows.