Greg Swaim is reporting that the Big 12 could be adding Clemson and Florida State

Good. I hope we kick Clemson’s ■■■.


Would this move give y’all a ‘blue blood’ in the conference?

And, certainly, Stanford and Cal-Berkeley would be in the ACC six mix, so a western wing of a mega-conference could be developing.

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It will be quite enjoyable to see our Utes do the gridiron thing in Death Valley.

They have a special rock they touch.

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B12 + the best 6 of ACC is a really good conference. That would be awesome.


Add Cal and ‘Furd, throw in the Beavers, and get rid of the Zoobs. Yeeeeeah, that would be great.


FSU and Clemson would just whine if they were in the Big 12 and still try to get into the SEC. Plus, the cost of leaving the ACC is prohibitive. If the Big 12 were going to cover those costs, they would have to quit paying all of the current schools.

This is just BS at the highest level. Plus Syracuse every once in a while kicks their butts.


Are you saying that this fellow is lying? Which sections of the post are lies?

    -is this an emerging news item?

  • As we’ve said for a year, #FSU and #Clemson will not get a #B1G offer, due to neither being AAU accredited.
    -have they said this for a year?

  • But from Vegas the talk is the #SEC has now turned the pair down.
    -is there such talk coming out of V-town?

  • With new sponsorship the B12 p4obably won’t pay quite what the other two do, but with those two they’ll pay double what the #ACC does.
    -are these relative pay-outs correct?

  • P.S. And it won’t end there.
    -will it end there?

  • The talk is the B12 will take six from the ACC.
    -is there such talk?

This is my favourite part of your post.

When the ACC implodes I don’t think it’s as simple as its members joining other conferences… it will set off a whole new seismic shift. Sure, conferences like the Big12 could remain in existence and even gain some new members but they’ll lose others.


Somewhere out there we are sitting on a football fault line, that when it triggers, will likely destroy College football as we know it.


I love this phrase.

It is pretty keen to think that we would be in a large conference, 22 schools, if this rumor does hold.

I have been saying since this last round of realignment began that there will likely be another major realignment in 5 years +/- 2. I think there will be an even bigger shake up than this last time and I would hope that Utah remains in the upper tiers of team in college football. I think recent performance on the field and the decent TV ratings that Utah generates will be cards in favor of being in the upper levels. I definitely feel like the Big 12 is a stepping stone or temporary spot for Utah.


Winning the Big 12 and doing well in the playoff would greatly facilitate that. Our first two conference games loom large for our future, I reckon.


Feels like Utah is solidly in place for a western division of any conference. We’ll see if that’s split up (like now) between 2-3 conferences, but I would think UCLA/USC, Oregon/Wash, UA/ASU, Utah, CU would likely be included in any western grouping. The left 2 time zones is so spread out anyway. Only 7% of the US population lives in the Mountain time zone.


At first glance, this sounds far fetched. However, the past 3 years have taught me not to be surprised by the unexpected. In addition, Bret Yormark is massively proactive and thinks outside the box. Witness the move he made to get the Big-12’s next TV contract locked up ahead of the Pac, which was a complete game changer for what lay ahead.

Consequently, I won’t be surprised if he has engaged in talks with FSU and Clemson, perhaps at the Denver Airport or some place similar. :slight_smile: He is all business and someone who seems to play 3-D chess while others are playing checkers. The Big-12 may not survive as a top-tier conference as things continue to unfold. However, if that happens, it won’t be because Yormark sat on his hands and watched events unfold. Time will tell, though there seems to be enough smoke to suggest that something is afoot via back channels.

It reminds me of the axiom I heard in my college days. There are 3 types of people: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. Yormark is definitely in group 1.

Final thoughts: It’s possible that the SEC won’t take FSU for the same reason that Utah State hasn’t been in the same conference as BYU or Utah for 60 years and counting. Same reason Kentucky wouldn’t play Louisville in basketball for 24 years, until the memorable 1983 NCAA regional final forced a change to that superiority complex in Lexington. There’s also the possibility that FSU and Clemson don’t move the SEC’s or B1G’s currently elevated needle enough to be additive, amazing as that may sound. Perhaps FSU and Clemson are using the Big-12 to improve their negotiating position with the SEC and B1G, kind of like how Notre Dame used the possibility of joining the B1G to negotiate a sweetheart deal with the ACC, which may also now be in jeopardy.

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I have a feeling that if the ACC blows apart that everything will blow apart again and there will be a complete reshuffle of teams and conferences as the networks, conference execs, and college leadership try to assemble the most entertaining and lucrative assemblage of leagues with the lowest costs. I could see a kind of retreat in a way to more regional conferences of a sort but not necessarily the ones we may have known in the past. Think of the top 30-50 teams-ish that have been in the rankings consistently over the past few years divided up regionally. I have a hunch that is where things are headed.


I did not realize that it was so low.
I like that very much.

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I wonder in the ‘blow-it-up’ model if networks will release GoR for all teams. But then teams left out might say ‘we had a contract with predictable revenue’. Could get messy. But I do think the ‘best’ way forward is to realign everything in a different division and/or superconferences (leaving NCAA behind, at least for football). Heck, I would love if they organize football one way and then other sports more regionally. But it’s more complicated to have to manage a football league and then a separate all other sports in a conference model (although TDS’ independent approach was that with WCC).

I didn’t and still don’t love Yormark, but I see he’s a much more competent and savvy commish than what we had in PAC12. He is good at SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) which has at least raised my respect for him. He’s doing his job well with the cards he has dealt to him.


Now the rumors are that Yormark and the Big-12 are in “deep discussions” with FSU, Clemson, Miami and Notre Dame that involve bringing private equity into the equation, making those schools some of the wealthiest in CFB.

I dunno… I think we need to go back to last month’s idea about TV revenue sharing & having a cap on player salaries.