Got a letter from the U today regarding future season tickets

Needless to say…not impressed.

After getting hit for seat license fees and stadium fees above and beyond the price of the ticket, essentially rendering the stub price meaningless, now they are changing the prioritization of season ticket purchases. They say current season ticket holders will still be a high priority; but opening the door to the “donor priority” smells like a transition point where pretty soon the average fan is going to get priced out of attending a game (not that hasn’t already begun to happen).

I guess as long as they are getting the money, the trend will continue.

Can you post that letter?

My guess is we will see a dramatic increase in the required donation.

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My take on that is it is priority for purchasing seats in the new south end zone, not tickets you already have. Am I wrong in that?


As soon as I saw this post I went to our mailbox. I didn’t get this letter.

If this ends up being the new ticket priority policy and we can be moved from our current seats from year to year count me in as quitting attending games.

The current CC priority is BS as it is. Families buy more tickets than we do, and their CC donation reflects an over all higher donation than ours even though our per seat donation is higher.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but if we lose our seats to a “higher” donation, or if the new policy shuffles fans around from year to year, screw em. I’ll put the $$ towards an 80" OLED and watch from my layzboy.

I’ve attended faithfully since Bill Meek was the head coach and 15-18k of us sat through Lovat.

I received this letter - that’s the way I read it. It also states “Season Ticket Holders in the current south end zone will receive high priority regardless of annual giving level.” So, the south end zone will completely change and anyone seated there will have high priority already, and if you want to buy new tickets or move to the south, your priority will be based on annual giving - seems reasonable to me.


I wondered when they were going to start strong arming us out of the north end zone. I’m not really far from not renewing my tickets and neither is my brother. The north end zone was always the affordable family/bro ticket section. Those days might be going away. TBH Games are becoming more and more of a hassle anyways, I love going and being there is always a blast but the six hour minimum commitment on a Saturday is making me choose between my kids and that.

I guess we’ll see how this plays out


I received the same letter and this does not apply to any area outside of the south end zone (sorry, the Ken Garff Performance Zone). No need to overreact here.

Premium food? count me in…



i just sent My ticket rep and someone else I know in the athletic dept the following email

There’s a letter circulating on various Ute fan sites about changes to the football ticket seating priority

I’ve seen a copy of the letter. Didn’t like the implications. It seems that the university is looking at moving people’s seats from year to year based on contribution levels ? So no credit/loyalty is given to people for being season ticket holders for 30 or more years ? Somebody can donate more and just force us out of seats we’ve had for years ? Between this letter, the fubar with the basketball tickets and the continued raising of ticket prices I’m to the point where I’m seriously considering dropping my season tickets for football as well. There’s plenty of tickets on stubhub and KSL. I don’t have to be a season ticket holder I choose to be. But if the university is going to continue to treat lifelong season ticket holders poorly. make drastic policy changes in search of the almighty buck i will reconsider my support of the athletic dept with my time and money.

Having Idaho state and NIU on the home schedule didn’t help matters

You folks may want to look at the various ute fan sites instead of relying on the surveys you send out. Those surveys are not effective. They are clearly designed to give the university the data they want to support preconceived conclusions and not the actual thoughts of your customers.

If I get a letter saying my seats will be moved based on my giving level I won’t be renewing. I expect the 98% renewal rate will plummet. If you doubt that look forty miles south. They implemented a similar policy.

I don’t know why the university and athletic dept go out of their way to make it so hard to be a fan. Rapidly approaching a point where the ROI just isn’t worth it

If I get a response from either of them I will post it if anybody wants to see it. But I bet I don’t get one


this does not apply to any area outside of the south end zone …yet.


Quite eloquent, ffu. Hopefully the worst case is not something they ever consider anywhere else.

I am surprised current season ticket holders in the SEZ are not told they are guaranteed seats though. Just have high priority. Sad.

What others have said here…it only applies to the South Endzone. If you have season tickets elsewhere you’re safe (for now) :slight_smile:


We’ve had seats in the south endzone for 36 years. We’re very much afraid we won’t have seats after next season.

We certainly aren’t going to have the quality of seats we’ve had, as our location will be “premium” and we’ll be pushed to the high corners.

The U doesn’t really seem to care, they’re mostly interested in who will pay them, not having dedicated fans.


I hope you are right but the way that letter reads makes me think otherwise

thanks? It’s become quite apparent to me that they do not care about fan loyalty any longer
My two seats were just under 1800.00 this year. My sibling stopped renewing when his two hit a 1000.00 for the pair

I’m relatively certain I can buy decent seats for the games I really want to attend for a lot less than what my season rickets costs me

I haven’t felt like a valued customer/fan by the U for the last five years or so.


Mirrors my thoughts costs and experience almost exactly.

This letter only applies to the SEZ and with the expansion I don’t know how they could do anything different unless they were simply going to rebuild the SEZ with bleacher seats. They are giving current SEZ season ticket holders high priority on new seats, which they should. I think the bigger concern for all season ticket holders is the cost keeps increasing through additional fees. The best fan area in the stadium is the NEZ. The U needs to find a way to keep that area from pricing loyal loyal fans out of the stadium.


They will do what all businesses do… maximize.

The concern is…my seats are in the NEZ. If this only applies to SEZ, why send it to me?