Georgia Tech vs. Utah today at 4 p.m. on FS1

Awful week for Utah sports last week

GT is 3-0. Hoping for improvement :pray:

Hopefully bounce back in this one and use last Thursday as a learning experience.

We will need to have a big step up today to get the win. Tech usually fields a pretty good MBB team. Not Duke or UNC good, but good.

Utes pitching a shutout early up 10-0

Good scoring start, up 23-6 with 10min left in the half but 6 TOs. Going to catch up with them if they don’t stop that.

much improved defense, but so many turnovers


11TO half! Allowed a 19 pt lead to drop to 8. Ugh.

14 turnovers to 3 smh

This is the very definition of pissing away a lead by sloppy play.

We led by 19, we might lose by 19 :frowning:

18 turnovers to 3

This team is tough to watch.

Not questioning it, but isn’t it odd that Ballstadt has completely displaced Brenchley as a deep bench guy?

If I recall we had 13 TOs in first half vs SHSU.

Whew, we might pull this out

Definitive evidence to call a goal tend? I beg to differ.


amazing when you’re not turning the ball over every 3rd time down the court how much better you look

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Yeah, they played better down the stretch. Granted, no one has great expectations for GT this year, but they were 3-0 and this was the first road game so it’s a decent win.

6 minutes for Saunders and he was not put in when Worster fouled out. Hope I’m wrong but I have this feeling he might be this year’s Mahorcic and won’t be around all year.

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Here is a 24-minute highlights of the game. This channel does a great job.


Utes play Mississippi St on Wednesday