Gary out at USU

Too bad it couldn’t work out.

What’s going on there?

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He’s the only reason USU has been relevant for the first time in 50 years. The talent is way down right now but that has more to do with what was left over from the prior staff.

Hopefully Whit can find room for him back on the Ute staff.

Loved Gary as a Center for the Utes, loved him as our DC. He’s a good man & a good coach. Feel bad things didn’t work out on the second tour in Logan. He’ll land on his feet.

Beyond that, the most memorable thing about Gary for me is how he handled being asked to be a reference for Bronco for the Oregon State job when the Beavs’ AD called him: “You know, I would be interested in that job!


Sure would like some inside reporting on what happened. My gut tells me he’s a good coach but his record suggests otherwise. What does he do now? Become a DC at P5 and still make a half mill or more?

IMO, sounds like a bad move on USU’s part, but hey it wasn’t my decision.

USU should take away BYU’s offensive coordinator.

If I’m USU I try to get two million per year together and toss it at Sitake, Hill and Scalley and whoever says yes I run away gleefully.

If I’m Sitake, I really, really consider it. Easier to recruit than BYU, easier to win than BYU, easier to get a P5 job than BYU. Especially if BYU wants to go back to their previous schedules.

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I always appreciate the BYU hate, but this isn’t true at all. USU is not a football school. They enjoyed a little run with GA and then Matt Wells, but it’s over.

I imagine Sitake will sign a lucrative extension this offseason.

If I were Scalley, I’d stay put. Going to USU would seriously hurt his chances of ever becoming a P5 head coach.

Maybe Hill, though. I doubt they’d need much money if they want to go with him.

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So, he’s going to be on Alabama’s staff next season:

  • The Ags looked pretty bad in their 3 games.

  • Gary had a midseason meltdown exit at Oregon State. (That was a baddy - kind of gave up on his team, midseason)

I wonder if there was a conversation with the AD that went downhill fast.

I don’t think I have ever seen the word “lucrative” associated with a coach’s salary at BYU.


I have no inside knowledge, but my gut feel is that you are on to something here. Seems like this might be the same sort of situation as Oregon State, repeating itself.

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It’s all relative. It could be lucrative compared to me, compared to most G5 coaches, and certainly compared to what he makes now.

Could Brian Johnson be ready? Everyone he touches becomes a Heisman quality QB, and the 2x he’s been an OC he’s built an offensive power. Florida is an offensive juggernaut this year.


We shoulda never let him go. Whitt caved to all the pressure from fans who are good at Madden Football.

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He is reported to have not had a good relationship with administration at Wisconsin either, which is why he took a step down to Oregon State.


I would prefer not to see him back at Utah. Always bothered me how he comes back then poached assistants and recruits, then comes back again and repeats. Not exactly how I would expect a person I helped repeatedly to act. Plus how many flame outs is that now, three? Succession is a question here and I don’t think Scalley can get it. I’d rather not have Andersen in line. He doesn’t exactly have Whitts reliability, loyalty or win record.


FWIW, Five years ago we were on a bike trip with some big Wisconsin fans. They had nothing good to say about Andersen and were glad he bailed on them.

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