Game Watch - Utah vs Stanford, Friday evening, 8:00 PM Fiddler's Elbow (patio)

We had a such a great group for the Oregon State Game a couple of weeks ago, that I’ve reserved a table for Utefans on the patio at Fiddler’s this Friday. I’m going to show up at 8:00, have a little late dinner, and watch our Ute’s take down the TREES.

Come and join - meet a few of your favorite posters, and put a face with some internet handles.

Hope to see you there.

(Please reply to this post or board mail @salUTE if you are planning to attend.)

Gah…I really want to get to one of these.

Wife works weekends though, which makes it pretty much impossible unless I want to drag all three kids to Fiddler’s Elbow. LOL

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I will be in St. George this weekend. My wife’s cousin is performing at Dixie State.

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I want to get to one also, though its a bit far for someone to use a taxi to. Maybe I’ll forgo eating fora a couplr of days and save up :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not like I cant afford to lose some weifght ahead of time, then make up for it eating unhealthy sports food LOL

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Just order the meat stuff and go high alcohol, low carb. :wink:

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Sounds like fun. Enjoy! As for me, I will be watching at the best man cave in the area.


THAT is quite a man cave! Enjoy the game Friday, we need this win for the Rose Bowl I’ve been dreaming of :slight_smile:

A quick reminder - that I’ve reserved a table for Utefans on the patio at Fiddler’s this evening, starting at 8:00. Utah needs to take down Stanford as the team attempts to march through the last four games of the season on the way to (hopefully) our first Rose Bowl.

I’ll be there are at 8:00, but come by whenever it works for your schedule.

The food and beverages are great. The patio is sparsely used this time of year, and though heated, it maybe a little cool, so wear a light jacket.

Come and join - meet a few of your favorite Utefans posters, have something to eat and drink and cheer on our Utes.

Hope to see you there.


I hope to be there. But am getting my booster today, so you never know what my reaction will be.


This reminds me of the Phil Hendrie skit about “Toast and Treat”, a family Halloween celebration, where an innovative bar owner pitches that for every drink the parents order, the kids get a piece of candy.

Man, the callers were angry on that one. lol


His show was a favorite of mine for quite a while. I think he’s still on the air somewhere or is doing a podcast or something. But that was some of the funniest s*** I’ve ever heard. I remember he did a segment on the first person to put a Christmas wreath on the front of their car in 1978 or something. It was hysterical when all of these pissed-off people called in claiming they had done it years before. Guy is a comedic genius.


Phil Hendrie has to be one of the funniest, most talented radio people, ever. The videos of him switching characters - interrupting each other, even - was amazing, sheer brilliance.

When he was on broadcast radio, my buddy @arizonaute told me he had to pull over a few times driving home while listening to a Hendrie bit because he was laughing so hard he was crying and couldn’t see.

Hendrie would have a regular segment where he’d answer questions about the show, and was transparent about how he did things, and one called asked if he was worried that the word would get out that his show was all a gag.

Phil: “Oh, no, not worried, at all. There are listeners and there are callers - two entirely different groups of people.” He seemed to pull in a lot of angry housewife callers from Utah, which made it even funnier for those of us here.


I don’t know your situation aside from not driving, but is there a reason Trax and the Sugarhouse street car doesn’t work for you? No need to detail personal reasons why it doesn’t, but that would seem to be an option, and it would be $5 round trip.

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I’ll be at the watch party.

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When Phil was first on the air in Utah I worked with a guy who’s father-in-law would record him and then fire off the tapes to the FCC complaining about him. I’m guessing the FIL didn’t get the joke.

Phil was masterful at pushing buttons of callers. One of the times I thought I was going to have to pull over the car was near Thanksgiving probably in 2003. Phil’s “guest” (and I can’t remember who it was), was talking about Thanksgiving should be a holiday for white people only because black people in the US have nothing to be thankful for. He got a call from a very, and justifiably so, angry black woman with her family urging her on in the background. When the “guest” added that actually they would have black people over for Thanksgiving that year helping with the cooking and cleaning up after, it sounded like a riot was breaking out at the other end of the phone and Phil broke character and cut off the call.

I heard that he once said he was never worried about running out of callers because there were so many self-absorbed people that never could see the joke that there was essentially an endless supply of them. I think the only reason he quit doing it was it wore him out and was less fun for him, that and the demise of on-the-air radio.


He does a daily podcast and you can sign up for his Backstage Pass subscription which gives you access to some of the old radio bits. I was listening to the podcast for a while. It’s just him with some characters, so the hilarity of duped callers is missing. Still good, but not great.

As for first time things, does anything beat the Ted potato at Ted’s of Beverly Hills? “It’s a foil wrapped baked potato. I invented it.” OK, maybe Ted’s using only scared beef.

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This is the understatement of the month. The skits he cooked up - wow.

Example: Recently paroled pedophile Herb Sewell happened to be a pizza connoisseur, and “well, Phil… heh, heh, heh… it turns out the best pizza in Southern California is Chuck E. Cheese”.

The torrent of angry callers was something to behold. It must have been wild being a screener for Hendrie.


That’s laugh out loud funny, especially in our current world where the Qs believe pizza is a code word.

While we’re at it, my all time favorite for bad taste and extremely funny from Phil was when a “guest” called in questioning why Ed Smart got to claim Elizabeth on his taxes in 2001 when Brian David Mitchell was taking care of her for more than half the year. That yielded some good calls.


The Ted Bell character is such a colossal a-hole - hilarious.

When Ted said he “had to fire” one of his cooks because he saw him at a Lakers game, up on the top row, from Ted’s courtside seats.

“Phil, I can’t have dishonest people working for me, and I know how much he makes - he can’t afford even one of the cheap seats, so he had to go.”


LOL! This Hendrie stuff is killing me and is proving to be a major distraction this morning. But keep it coming.