Game today at Colorado

12:30 PM mountain time on PAC-12 network.

The game in SLC a few weeks back was close, Utes were down 1 with 3 minutes to go before losing 65-58 when CU was perfect from the FT line in the closing minutes.

GO UTES! I’ll be watching.


Decent start but then we just let CU own the perimeter for a while. Larsson’s got to finish those close shots. Maybe it’s just me, but Jones’ shot form looks totally out of sync as opposed to last year. He seems to be lunging toward the basket. Lastly, two quick fouls on Plummer after he checked in isn’t going to help our ability to score quickly.

It’s not you. Something bad happened to his form. Makes no sense.

Is Larson really shooting over 50% from outside? He needs to take ten more shots per game.

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We have nobody that can shoot three pointers with any confidence

Plummer can, but the two fouls on two plays in the first half negated him. I actually think Pelle should shoot more from the 3 pt line because if they overplay that he can beat defenders on a drive. He just needs to see himself taking charge. Unselfish to a fault right now, as Maji used to say.

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Yup, any hopes for next season are centered on pelle becoming a star.

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As an aside, at halftime I bottled my first try at small cask aging, so I’m sipping a smooth, oaky Negroni. It’s making this half easier to tolerate.

Any hope for this particular game is riding on Plummer doing one of those 10 points in two minutes things.

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Doesn’t look like he has it so far. Ugh.

or maybe two of them …

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Plummer can, but isn’t. And hasn’t for a while now.

Too soon? We can hope.

I’ll take credit for it :grinning:


That shot fake, drive then kick out to Battin for the three was exactly what I’d like to see more of from Pelle. If they don’t collapse take it to the rack. If the hang back, take the shot.

Wow! Tied after trailing by 19. Damn. Now don’t blow it.

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Unreal. Amazing comeback.

Rylan on the bench…has he finally lost his minutes?

We should open things up more and let Plummer be Plummer. We should run more too.

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I have never seen a comeback like that. CU is pretty good. Plummer did exactly what was called for. Amazing.


Great comeback.

I tuned in at 51-67 and they go on a run of 26-7 to win!


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Wow, I would not have guessed that we could come back and win. I was on the treadmill with 12 minutes left, and told myself if we got down by 20, or were down by more than 15 with 10 minutes left, I would turn it off and listen to my Audible book. We got down by 19, and were down by exactly 15 at the 10 minute mark, so I stayed with it. I’m glad I did.