Game today at Colorado

I heard the last two minutes. Sounds like a great comeback, I wish I had heard it all. Glad they won, glad to see the potential in those players.



I was gathering together all of my tax info, and would normally have left to go XC skiing when we got down by 19. I had a few more things to gather so just left the game on not expecting anything.

Nice comeback!

Credit goes to @chrisrenrut :slight_smile:

I think there will be, but the comeback was awesome. All Plummer.

Since the season is basically over for us, we should let Plummer be the offense the rest of his senior year.


Awesome win.

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Happy for these guys. Hopefully builds some confidence.

Went for a long hike beginning at halftime. Got home 45 minutes ago and watched the second half. At the 10 minute mark, I almost turned it off. What at amazing comeback. Wow!

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Why is the season over? They still have TEN MORE CONFERENCE GAMES. What the hell are you talking about?


It will. They played great in that second half. That was a gigantic win.

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I said it to get you to post more.

Nice work. Very successful troll, the fish jumped all over the bait.

Looks like we have a shot at an NIT invite which would be a big step, and exceed most reasonable expectations for this season.

I am thinking of other big comebacks in Ute history. A few come to mind. There is the win at UCLA a couple of years ago where Van Dyke hit the 3 at the buzzer. I think Utah was down 21 early in the second half. In 2004, the first game after Majerus resigned, Utah trailed BYU by 19 early in the second and ended up winning by something like 8 points. I recall a WAC tournament game back in 1990 when Utah was trailing BYU in overtime by 7 with 45 seconds and won on a Tommy Connor 3-pointer at the buzzer. Any others?

Last season vs BYU was a pretty big comeback as well.

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