Game thread: Utes against the Beavers--Time for a convincing win

Looked pretty convincing to me. Glad to see the offense wake up. Wow, how about Mr. Phillips. 3 Picks, and 1 of those a pick 6. Defense played very well, especially when needed.

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Love the composure of Cam.
Clark Phillips in aftergame onterview: what a class act! Articulate, humple and inspiring.
Thanks to the D for holding the line when it was decisive.
Fun game to watch.

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They don’t really count yards on interception returns. That would add about another 150.


Defensive Game Ball - CP3, the four picks were pivotal, his 3 were huge: 2 easy TDs + stopping a TD.

Scalley dialed up a LOT of adjustments to deal with the Beavs’ run-heavy attack that features really impressive blocking. A lot of snaps with a DT and FOUR DEs up front. It worked - we forced OS to the throw game, which… 4 picks. Really good containment of the horizontal game, even when they pulled both CBs to one side. Great to see Diabate back and making plays, 4 TFL, K Reid was solid, Barton didn’t have a pop-out game but was part of a lot of 4-3 sets we ran.

Utah’s ability to adjust on defense can’t be over-emphasized - opposing OCs have no idea what Scalley is going to cook up, but they have a good idea it’s going to give them fits.

Broughton got played in coverage a couple of times but it wasn’t fatal - just glad he’s back. Vaughn was good and showed his wheels in saving 4 points running down their WR from the opposite side on the big screen pass. FS Sione Vaki #28 got some snaps when Hubert got dinged.

It was the prototypical bend-don’t-break defensive performance as even though we allowed a lot of yards from scrimmage, the D really stiffened in the red zone, kept the Beavs out of the EZ multiple times.

Offensive Game Ball - Tie: Jaylen Dixon and Cam Rising. Cam’s pass to Dixon on the short field (courtesy Phillips) was big, it wasn’t an easy catch and is another sign of the WRs really emerging. Rising’s leadership and decision making were crucial, in a game vs a good defense (USC 17 points). Vele had another big game, including a this-is-why-we-do-weight-training one-vs-two push to the EZ.

The TEs looked fine, considering opposing DCs have been focusing on our TE game, with McClain joining the action & Yassmin joining Kincaid in keeping that part of our offense very credible.

It took some time for the offense to crack open the OS defense, but a 3-and-out is a helluva lot better than a pick or pick 6. Rising threw for 3 TDs and ran for 1, and didn’t turn the ball over. The run game was unimpressive, but a lot of credit has to go to Oregon State’s D, which will send Harding & crew back to the drawing board, because other teams are going to try and mimic what the Beavs did up front.

Sequence of the Game - Hubert’s EZ pick & 70 yard return, then 2 plays later Dixon scoring from 22 out. Oregon State under Jonathan Smith is not an easy punch out, but that sequence negated building OS momentum, and signaled this game was going to end with a Utah win.

The game was closer for 3 quarters than the final score suggests, but we took care of business, still have things to work on, and are positioned for a showdown in Pasadena.


that does cover all the possibilities, captain Obvious :grin: :upside_down_face: Way to hedge your bets LOLOL

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checking in on some of the other top 25 teams and areas of interest:
GOod number of significant upset drubbings;
Great day for football in Kansas… terrrible day for Texas.

Alabama qtrback goes out… wil he be back?

Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose.


Watching the Clemson/NC St game. During the halftime show, they did highlights from “around the top 25”.

There was no mention of Utah at all.

They showed highlights of literally every other top 25 team, but did not even flash the score of the Utah game. The P12 literally doesn’t even exist as far as ESPN/ABC was concerned. Just in case anyone wonders why the P12 continues to be largely forgotten at the national level.

But hey, at least I got to see the 18th commercial for “The Rookie FBI”.


Sometimes you win…
Sometimes you lose…
Sometimes it rains!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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Oh, be quiet. It was my way of saying that this month’s outcomes are totally unpredictable. Wouldn’t you agree?


Win or lose I’ll always booze!

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The stats are remarkably even. Except for one that screams out: four turnovers for Utah to zero for Oregon state. That’s how we won, along with amazing red zone defense and offense. I haven’t seen the Utah team perform that well in the red zone on both sides of the ball for I don’t know how long. I actually can’t remember when.

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There’s a little deception in the aggregate stats - we had just 56 snaps, they had 67. We had short fields to work with, they had the longest offensive play of the game, the screen that Zemaiah reeled in on the 5.

Not going to be +4 in TO every game, but that was the big difference, along with our red zone performances. (No FG attempts)

Oregon State world is kicking themselves this morning, because they were -4 vs USC last week, too. They’re a solid team, struggling with QB play right now.


What’s the latest assessment of the running game? The numbers look pretty poor. TT has been pretty important to our offense so his lack of production is concerning.

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I noticed TT’s lack of “pop” too. Wonder if he’s injured, or just in the dog house. Perhaps he needs more game reps just get the motor running so to speak.

But yeah, he seems off compared to last season. It’s nice to see Glover and JJ get some reps, but TT needs something, I just haven’t a clue as to what.

A good assessment would require watching the film and adjustments by somebody that knows the trenches really well.

(At practice they firm everything, including a vertical view to go along with the side view we all see. The video guys and GAs are digging into yesterday’s game as we speak. Football during the season is intense work, every day of the week. Unless you’re Bronco Mendenhall.)

I’ve seen our RBs getting met in the backfield a lot, but then there are adjustments and we typically see more success later. In Game 1 it was ugly early, then we had a lot of success. Some of that was because of Gator DL depth issues, some was from adjustments, play or protection package changes.

The same has generally been true over the course of a season. Later in the schedule our run game usually looks better. There’s a LOT that goes into that process.

It’s a part of the game I’d like to know better. Yesterday post game Hans Olsen admitted he usually doesn’t spend a lot of time watching what the CBs do, but based on some pretty deep insights from Christian Cox he said he was going to watch more.

Football is amazingly complicated under the hood. The Xs and Os would bore the bejesus out of 95% of fans, but a lot of success or failure is wrapped up in scheme. Watching our D pre-snap, they make it look easy, but why some highly recruited player never makes the field often has to do with getting scheme down cold. (The other big components are talent and heart, which are easy to see, they jump off the TV screen.)


Could anyone hear Kenneth Scott rap his song? I was on the east side and couldn’t hear a word. But I thought maybe the big speakers they rolled out were pointing only towards the west stands.

Nope. Couldn’t hear a thing in the NEZ either. Felt awful for him.

Wife was on the field for the Alumni Dance team thing, and she said they could hear it on the field from the big speakers and she was surprised no one in the crowd could.

West stands. Couldn’t hear a word.

Did they ever say why Solo Enis didn’t play Saturday?