Game thread: Utes against the Beavers--Time for a convincing win



My daughter is a sophomore Slug !!


Need to focus on tomorrow’s game, because it will be a battle. But next week’s game at UCLA is going to be tough. The Bruins are taking it to Washington pretty well so far tonight.

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UCLA is hammering Washington right now.

Utah 98-3. Take that @RockerUte


I heart Clark phillips

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So Smith pulls the cash register.

Such a smoth drive. WTF!!

Well, that was not what we needed for starting the 2nd half.

They’ve all but taken away our run game. And
Our d-line is given them their run game. Very un-Utah.

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I other words, we’re getting beaten in the trenches. Weird.

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Phillips is having a game, but that was a jewel by Hubert.

Not sure I remember the last time I saw Utah score 42 points and have less than 300 yards. Love the score. Not happy with the anemic run game (minus Rising’s total).

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I do love the red zone performance.

Is that a record 3 pick-6’s for Clark Phillips?

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Oregon St. was good in the trenches last year as well. Maybe just one of those matchups thay changes the approach needed because running ain’t working.

4 interceptions…is it a record?

Phillips’s 3 picks a record???

He’s making some :moneybag: today

The individual record for a game for Utah is four by by Frank Nelson in 1946. The team record is seven against BYU in 1948.

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Game stats from The Athletic: