Game Day vs USC! Can the Utes continue their march to the tournament title?

In Las Vegas at 6:30 PM mountain time on Pac-12 network.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

I predict that Mobley will finally have a good game against us after two bad games this season. I also predict - going out on a limb here - that whichever team is hitting from outside will win.

Utah will have to produce on the floor for 40 minutes with no letdowns to have a chance to beat USC.

Last night’s 36 minute effort against the Huskies won’t get it done tonight.

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Last 5 1/2 minutes yesterday (where we were outscored by 16) got rather sloppy. Indeed need 40 minutes tonight.

Concerned that Allen played 39 minutes and Larsson and Plummer 35 minutes each last night. Not having Jones really hurts our depth.

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Unfortunately, I think USC will roll the Utes by 15 or 20.

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I want 12 three’s from Plummer tonight

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Announces that Utah has the best 2 point FG% in the Pac-12 this season.

Walton: “I wasn’t aware that they even tracked that stat anymore”.

We have one of the best frontcourts in the conference with Allen, Carlson, and Jantunen…and it gets us the 7 seed. Only 3 pointers matter now.

Unfortunately we turn the ball over an ungodly amount… highest percentage < most made shots

This was a rough half.

Midrange jumpers are horribly ineffecient. But still important because sometimes that’s all the defense will give you.

JAntunen called for traveling three times now. WOWZA

Guys, I have figured it out, I just need to slander the Utes online. The more I do it the better they do.

These losers won’t win this game.


Can’t believe we are down by one. What losers!

Tie game? Come on now you guys. This is ridiculous! BOOOOOOO!

Huh, perhaps moose was partially correct on LK. The team is doing much better than I expected in the PAC tourney.


I give these kids credit for their grit and for not quitting. I love the players. Don’t love the way they are coached. But I admit that the final play to get to OT was pretty well planned and executed. And, a couple of Ute shots don’t pop out of the hoop at the end of OT2 and maybe it’s a different outcome.


That was a work of art. Not a better drawn up play in college basketball this year.

I’m glad we went out swinging. There were a couple of times in regulation that I thought we were going to be blown out. Tough calls in OT against us. Tough shots went in and out.

I like these guys. I think we just saw Larry’s last game, and I think that means most of the team will be gone too. I guess we’ll find out soon.

I am naïve enough to hope that whoever comes in might be able to convince the best players to stay. Majerus did that when he came. (Well, he convinced Josh Grant to stick with his commitment to Utah after mission.) But, that was Majerus, and that was a different era. But I’m doing what fans do–nursing somewhat outlandish hopes.

I think new guy could retain Martinez on the coaching staff to keep Ian.

Nope. They didn’t. They won by six points in double overtime after four of Utah’s players fouled out.

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