Gach is back

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That’s awesome. I was sad when he left. He can score a ton…every once in a while. He just lacked consistency. After doing nothing at Minnesota, it seems very unlikely that he finds that consistency, but why not give it a shot since we have holes to fill?


One of my favorite nicknames “gach scratch fever”

Hopefully he won’t miss 26 straight (not an exaggeration) 3s again

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I was starting to count them once the streak exceeded 20.

Two years to play because of the Covid rule or just one?

Gach needs a more free flowing offense to utilize his skills. He always started the season and then when conference play started and the Utes stopped pushing the ball, he struggled. Hope he has success.

Two - so it’s like he never left. Or consider last year a redshirt/ year off where he took a rotational to the Big Ten.

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We have 10 guards already, but I like Gach’s game

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In 22 conference games, including the conference tournament, BG put up 4.3 points on 31/21/71 splits (1.1 fta per game) 2.7 boards, 1.4 assists, .5 steals, 1.4 turnovers per game.

I mean…those are some very, very fair reasons to be skeptical about this signing.

Its also a bit confusing because we needed a guy to run the point when Worster is not in the game. Is Both that guy? I don’t think anyone disputes his athleticism but his talent and ability are very much in question, as is effort. Craig is going to really need some magic on this one. But…CS just wins wherever he goes so…Im going to shut up and watch this play out.

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It’s June 3. Both has been a starting Pac-12 guard…I think you just take him and hope for the best. If he does wake up and starting playing to his potential, he could end up starting over Worster. I don’t think that’s likely, but how many other guys still available can you say that about?

what I like about Both is he played his best ball against our better opponents in 2019.

Kentucky - 14 points
Minnesota - 19 points
Oregon - 24 points
California - 19 points
Colorado - 28 points


I’m reserving all judgment at this point. Craig Smith deserves a bit of a chance to do his thing and so right now I’m chasing to focus on a few positives which include:

  1. He has been a winning coach in a couple of programs
  2. It is telling to me that former players want to go and follow him around even if they aren’t an upgrade from what we had
  3. He’s getting a guy he recruited previously to do something actually kind of extraordinary in coming back to a school he left. I wonder in the history of CBB how many times that has happened.
  4. He’s saying all the right things, which is sometimes a struggle for coaches.

So what I want to see this year is some guys exceeding expectations even if we are worse off. It’d be something else to have Both Gach be with some coaches who can exploit his athleticism and get him in the right system. I think we all agree it is in there - can some coach get it out?

Despite all reason I remain hopeful for Coach Smith and we might be pleasantly surprised by what he can do. Then he’ll have a recruiting story not too dissimilar to Larry’s at the time, “Look at what I did with the island of misfit toys… just think what I can do with YOU!”


One of his Sudanese buddies worked where I work. He told me Gach really got some confidence playing with some NBA guys in a summer league in Phoenix, felt like he could play at that level (of the summer league, at least).

I was disappointed to see him leave, but wish him well in his journey…back here in SLC.


Another long athletic wing. Can you have to many of those probably but I don’t think we are there yet. Two more to go.

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Worster seems more suited as a backup PG at this point. We still don’t have a starting PG.

you forgot:

  1. has no visible scars
  2. does not live with parents


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He comes across as having athleticism. He seems a bit reluctant to play inside and a large percentage of his shot attempts are treys. If anything he needs to take more pull up jumpers from 15 feet (especially when the long shots are not dropping) and drive to the hoop more.

At least he’s a familiar face we can watch this season.