Gach is back



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I think it’s encouraging to see the coach being selective about who he offers, and seems to have a plan and a SYSTEM, despite initial misfires. I was really done with the revolving door, new team cobbled together with transfers because of bad fits or busts or interpersonal interactions with coaches, and catch as catch can program every cotton pickin’ year.

Those fretting already before even a game is played and this coach has had more than a smattering of a recruiting season at the helm here need to get a life. I’m taking the long view. A sports program is like the stock market.

Yup. With his body and athleticism he should be able to score in the paint. I’m concerned about him shooting too much. It’s a nice gesture to the program that he is coming back but frankly I think he is too inconsistent and it looks like he did a whole lot of nothing at Minnesota from what I’ve heard. He has starting experience in the P12, but I cringe thinking about him shooting. That 3 pt drought was epic.

An update on Gach:

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