For those of you that insist Utah should play BYU every year

Do you think the Ute’s record would be thought of more highly thiis year if they had replaced the victory over BYU with a win over one of these P5 teams with current 7 win 4 loss record?

Iowa State
Kansas State

or even these teams with 6 wins:


BYU was our least embarrassing OOC game this year - wouldn’t have made a difference if we’d replaced them with any of the above IMHO


I’m too lazy to find them but I’ve read several articles that paying the cretins down south has hurt is this year.


The state legislature insists that we play them, right?

We’ll likely almost always them on our schedule. We’ll have to learn to live with it.


So you’re saying the BYU cronies in the state legislature will succeed in diminishing Utah’s chance of ever competing in the CFP? Tough to swallow.


It’s weird for State Legislatures to demand a P5 play an independent. It’s not like they mandate Utah State to be on your schedule. Why and how does a Private handcuff a public institution to play it?

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Welcome to politics in Utah. Not only an independent, but a private church-owned school nonetheless.

So, a little background, but there is no actual law saying we have to play them, but the last time we bumped them from the schedule the State Legislature (and a few BYU homers) audited the Athletics Department because of it and outright said that they thought Utah should be required to play BYU. The audit of course turned up basically that Utah was one of the best run and fiscally fit athletic departments in the nation.

So short answer is basically, we can bump BYU but expect retribution.


At 7-4, BYU is our best win of the year and even better it was on the road.

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At least they didn’t pull a Baylor, like the Texas legislature (or was it the governor) insisting they be included in the Big-some-number.

This is not unusual.

USC is a private university that wields the most power in the P12. Some Utah fans are just a bit sensitive about all things BYU/LDS. Also not unusual.

Anyway, to answer OP’s question… no, I don’t think a win over any of those teams would look any better this year than the BYU win. They WOULD look better than the wins over Pocatello State or NIU though.


Difference is BYU is more on the level of Liberty University. Not SC or Baylor.


What was Baylor at that time though… More like Liberty as well.

Baylor was part of the SWC in the early 1900s. They were a good to great program. They’ve always been a bigger conference. They, unlike SMU & TCU, have always been a higher tier of Texas football. TCU obviously got into the Big 12 after years of work. I think comparing BYU to either Baylor or TCU is wrong. They are closer to be a SMU except SMU is a Top 25 team.

BYU doesn’t have a national brand. BYU joins a P5 then maybe they can talk but right now they are Liberty, New Mexico level. Not Utah or any other P5 level.


All the beauty pageant arguments magically drift away if we beat 8-4 USC


All the beauty pageant arguments magically drift away if we beat 8-4 USC

True. That said, in all of the University of Florida’s history they have ZERO undefeated seasons. In fact, only 4 of the last 13 went undefeated. It’s why the non-conference is a big deal.


I’d rather not play NIU or Idaho State. This isn’t the best year for you to argue that we shouldn’t play BYU when they are the best team on our OOC schedule this season. That being said, I’d prefer our OOC schedule be:

  1. P5 team from the South/Texas
  2. BYU or Utah State Rotating
  3. FCS from Big Sky, ideally Weber State or Southern Utah
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BYU hasn’t been relevant in a decade+ (meaning 2 or less losses)


Currently we use losses to judge the best teams. We need to simply count quality wins to rank teams. Doing so, 9 quality wins beat 8 creating a great incentive to play more conference games and better OOC games. If you must keep the preseason lower level games, count the best 10 games played and let the others be preseason.

What if Utah scheduled three P5 schools to start the year? Win or lose, Utah can still win the PAC-12 and go to a Rose Bowl. But, if Utah beat all three, and win the PAC-12, then there’s less of a question whether Utah is worthy of a top four ranking, right?

I’m guessing that if Utah has a difficult out of conference series, where they lose every game, then the hangover could affect conference play. But, even if that happened, at least Utah would be playing in front of more eyes across the country. This likely would create brand recognition for upcoming years. Therefore, when Utah is in a similar position as it is today, we’d be a more recognizable brand.

At the end of the day, I see less downside playing P-5 teams exclusively than piling on a bunch of nobodies for feel-good wins.



Actually, the legislature cannot require Utah play the private school down south.

They can require Utah play USU. If there is an FCS mandate, they could require Utah to alternate play against Weber and SUU.

It has to do with control of the contract. The state indirectly controls both sides of the contract with those schools. The legislature does not control TDS’s contracts.