For all you fast food fans, your wait is over!

I thought I had read somewhere that the Chicago deep dish pizzeria Giordano’s had plans to open a restaurant in SLC…anyone heard any updates?

As long as I’m posting about food places, I wish someone would consider bringing back the Training Table. Maybe its just nostalgia…but I really do miss those cheese fries with the dipping sauce…


Lovely, we definitely need more fast food burger options here…

Never have understood the appeal of Jack in the Box. Tried them once or twice, kinda meh to me. Same as In and Out, just meh.

A new chicken place called Raising Cane’s opened by The District in South Jordan a while back. Their specialty is chicken strips, apparently. There have been lines around the entire block to get into that place for weeks now.

Mrs. SkinyUte braved the lines the other day and brought some home for us. It was completely mediocre chicken sandwiches and chicken strips with a dipping sauce that was meh. There was nothing special about it in any way whatsoever.

I honestly have no earthly idea what everyone is lining up for ages to get.

There is not a food on earth I’d wait in line for for more than 10 minutes (and more likely 5) nor a restaurant I’ll wait for a table longer than 15… unless the next restaurant is 15 minutes away. I honestly don’t get why in the world people are willing to do it… for fast food no less.

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I know some of the food snobs will argue, but there is NO food that is worth waiting more than 20 minutes for. No, not even the Red Iguana.


Oh awesome, tomato soup with soggy bread at the bottom. Deep dish is truly one of the most overrated disgusting things I’ve ever eaten.


Jack in the Box. Well, it’s better than McDonald’s, and consistent–you know what to expect there. But…yes, meh. I used to drop in there now and then when my boys were young.

Well, I suspect your experience was primarily due to the restaurant you ate at. I mentioned Giordano’s because I know they are one of the more famous Chicago eateries. My experience is with a small Italian eatery in southeastern Wisconsin where I went to school. The sauce could only be described as exquisite…I suspect they used a healthy dose of chianti in their preparation. It’s all a matter of taste. I enjoy traditional pizza as well, but haven’t found any great pizzerias nearby.

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That place has made my Costco trips a nightmare due to the traffic jams… for fast food chicken strips!

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I need a good pizza. Magna lost its pizzeria to the earthquake and pandemic.

Ideas of where to go?

I have found that those “upscale” pizza places really aren’t any better than the pedestrian places. So, I guess my answer is “pick a place”.

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We went to Gino’s East near South Bend when we went to the game vs. Notre Dame in 2010. It cured me. Absolute garbage. I didn’t even finish it. I’m not even sure there was cheese in it.

I REALLY miss those cheese fries with the dipping sauce, my arteries, well not so much :slight_smile:

(The chili rellano burger was very good also.)

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Am I mistaken, but wasn’t there a Jack in the Box once on the west side of 3rd West right near the corner of 21st South back in the early/mid 90s? I vaguely remember this.

I’ve only ever been once, and I had the sourdough jack, which I liked. So…that’s my recommendation.

You go to jack in the box for one reason only: $

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I have been to Jack in the Box twice in my life. (Second time was not my choice.) Both times I got ill. Odds of me eating “food” from there again? Zero.

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Shoulda got the sourdough jack.