Florida game

I don’t get ESPN News as part of my cable package. Because I have to log into the ESPN app using my Comcast login to stream games, it recognizes that I don’t have that channel and blocks it in the app too. :joy:

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at some point theyll figure out that its rare for a college football game to go 3 hrs or less

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In case you missed it, it’s back on ESPN now

We are not winning the line of scrimmage on either side right now.


Yeah, I couldn’t figure out why I was suddenly watching BYU’s game. That was some cruel irony.

So Utah on ESPN, Utah State on SEC Network and BYU on ESPN News.

Agreed. They’re ripping off 5 yards at will

Wow, Broughton giving it all he’s got. :face_vomiting:

Tackling is terrible

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We are missing a LOT of tackles. A lot of youth on the defense. We’ll have to get better at that or it could be a long game.


D-line needs to be better.


3rd and 19, you cant give that up

Apparently they can

We’ve been pretty good at forcIng their QB out of the pocket but their receivers only need a couple of extra seconds to get open.

We put a heck of a tackle on the guy the QB faked to.

Last year it seems like our defense took about the first quarter to settle in. I hope that is the case today.

First-game rust is always an issue for the Utes.

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It looks like the offensive line needs to get things figured out. Some good signs so far.

Some bad signs too.