Florida game

My wife and I live in Gainesville and are attending this year’s game with Utah. We plan to come out west for the rematch next year.

We’re looking to perhaps make some new friends and exchange a little local knowledge.

Thanks, Chip in Gainesville

Hey Chip! I think there may be close to 10K Utah fans there, hope there’s some good conversation to be had.

Nice to have an intersectional game without the baggage of rivalry to contaminate good sportsmanship. (We really only have that issue with one school, maybe some sharp opinions about a couple of other schools… but really, sports is sports.)


Hey Chip,

Welcome to Utefans. Hope you’re able to make a ton of new friends. You’ll love Salt Lake.

When we get back to Salt Lake there are a few things that we like to do. Get up to the mountains. Odds are you’ll make in time to be able to hit Oktoberfest up at Snowbird. That’s enjoyable, with the food, music, and of course beer.

We like to hit a couple of restaurants. One being the local burger chain Crown Burger. We also like to hit up Bohemian Brewery. The brewery has a soft spot for me, besides the food. I used to work for the previous owners, Helen and Joe Petras. They’ve got an interesting history in that they escaped Czechoslovakia in the '80s to come here. Joe used to tell me stories about life under the communists. He wasn’t a fan to put it mildly.

We also like to get up on Campus to see what’s changed over the years.

If you’re into mountain biking, there are all sorts of trails just above campus. Not to mention at all the ski resorts up and down the Wasatch Front. Same trails can be used for hikes.

I’m sure other folks will all their suggestions.

Keep in touch.

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Welcome aboard!
We hope your team plays without injuries and the men and women of both schools are civil and decent to all.
There will be a lot of eyes on this game. We wish ya’ll well.


I’m looking forward to this game. We always host visiting fans at our tailgate. DM me for details on time and location next year. Hope to meet you at some point.


Thanks to those who have already replied, that was quick! And thanks the cordiality of the responses.

It’s a 7 p.m. eastern kickoff which leaves lots of time earlier in the day for meeting, greeting, sightseeing and then tailgating.

The University of Florida is unique in a few ways. One of my favorites is that the school mascot is an apex predator that lives freely on campus. Sometimes they’re a nuisance, but essentially harmless to humans.

We would be happy to serve as guides if ya’ll wanted to see some real gators or other local sights. Please DM me for contact info and such.


Does Florida have a “main” tailgating lot where most of the tailgating is done? We’d like to visit that before the game.


Hey Chip- welcome to the site, thanks for posting! So how bad is it getting into Gainesville on a game day? We’re staying in Orlando and want to be near the stadium by about 4:00 or so… I’ve seen various accounts that make it sound like we should expect to be in bumper-to-bumper for hours on end. Just trying to gauge things and plan.


I keep saying that, “Kyle Wittingham Field at RES,” has a good ring to it.


The “Bull Gator” parking lot is the closest thing to a main tailgating area. It is next to the football stadium and in front of the O’Connell Center, aka the O Dome. That said, tailgating goes on in every parking lot and green space on campus and throughout the neighborhoods to the north. There is a UF campus map website at http:// campusmap.ufl.edu without the space.


Thanks. Appreciate that. Definitely look for us when you come to SLC next year.

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Living here I’ve never had to get “into” town on a game day, but the bumper-to-bumper is unlikely if you get an early start, exit the interstate early and don’t mind walking a bit.

To get in the vicinity of the stadium by 4, leave Orlando around 1, exit I 75 at exit 368, and take CR 318 right to US 441. Left there and this takes you straight into Gainesville. Google directions to the Innovation District. That area has parking that I think is free on game day and a good food park. There is also a big free parking lot at W. University Ave and 6th St., a one mile walk to the stadium. The neighborhoods north of campus are full of folks renting out yard space.

Don’t stay on US 441, aka SW 13th St. all the way into town, it is the eastern edge of campus and will be crowded. Turn right CR 331 aka Williston Rd. then a quick left onto S. Main St. Then follow your directions to the Innovation District.

Google “Gainesville stadium rules” and see the first result.

Good luck,



Nothing like local knowledge


The “Plaza of the Americas” is a prominent open area on campus. I’ve never been there on a game day, but it’s half full of students on weekdays and close to the stadium. I’m sure it will be a hot spot for pre-game activity.


If you want to be there by four, leave at about 9 am. lol…no joke, from Orlando if you take the turnpike to I-75, it is going to be heavy traffic. Plus you want to find a place to park, which isn’t easy in Gainesville on gameday. Don’t hesitate, get up there as soon as you can.

As far as tailgating, jeebers, it is everywhere on campus and then some. Yes, I agree with the other poster that the Bullgator spot is probably what would be considered “main”, but honestly, it is all over the place. For tradition’s sake, I usually have drinks at the Salty Dog saloon on University avenue. But, that place is way jammed on game day. Way close to the stadium though.




Sorry, just an unashamed plug for my old stomping ground.


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an actual useful link might be this one…

Good luck.


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This place is good. Also another place near the stadium has good gator bites. Can’t remember the name of the spot.



You know the SEC is way good at tailgating. I am not sure what the PAc 12has tailgaiting wise, but I am sure they are in for a …surprise. Utah visitors will be pilgrims in an unholy land. :slight_smile:


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We have an excellent tailgate here at Utah. Had some ASU guys visiting several years ago and they said it was the best tailgate they had been to. They said until they were at ours, the best they had been to was Nebraska.

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