Dwade becomes a partial jazz owner

That’s a big deal.

Smart move by the new majority owner. Donovan Mitchell looks up to Dwayne Wade, having Wade in ownership will help Mitchell forget about how racist some Jazz fans are.


I predict this thread will go well.


As long as they don’t make him GM like the Broncos made Elway.


I hate it when you’re right :wink: but you don’t have to look very far to find support for your claim.

Cox responds to caller who says Jazz scholarship program is racist

It’s so sad to know there are a lot of “David from Highland”s out there. I love Cox’s response that the Jazz are free to do whatever they want with their money. I’m sure David is likely a free market guy except in those cases where he wants government to tell a business how to run itself.


The hypocrisy is strong in this one.
You appear to be espousing virtues of anti bigotry but then make no effort to point out that the racist element amongst jazz Nation is but a very tiny percentage. Nor do you comment about racism that’s prevalent in every fan base. No, in your estimation Jazz fans are to be painted in a certain light and uniquely so.
You’re full of crap man.

"very tiny percentage’ is counter to what I’ve heard from players who’ve gone into SLC. Maybe those players are wrong.

Alabama has a “very sizable percentage” of racists.


Yes and you should also point out the many wonderful people to be found in Alabama.

I’m not saying we should ignore the bad actors amongst us but I get sick of them being a defining factor. If the jazz were perennial losers do you really think people would be commenting on their “poor” experience in Salt Lake? They had a bad time because they likely lost, not because 19k fans came to watch a game and 10 loud mouths spouted off.

I will always comment about the racist asshats at Alabama. It’s larger than you or I want to admit. It’s always worse than we see and not as bad as the National media portray.


Other people’s behavior is not a matter I concern myself with when it comes to admission or denial. It is what it is, I can only control myself. That has nothing to do with my objection of “Jim’s” and so many other’s false narrative.

I know racist people inhabit this State, I know many of them and from time to time I myself get caught in that trap. However, I don’t believe Salt Lake is especially bigoted relative to other NBA cities. In fact I wonder if Wade’s decision to involve himself with the Jazz is not only based on his relationship with Donovan Mitchell but also because his child is transgender and Salt Lake has a reputation as one of the more LGTBQ+ friendly cities.

edit: I realize social considerations were probably >5% a factor but for the sake of the conversation they have been overstated. At the end of the day it’s economics driving the NBA. The Jazz are one of the more stable franchise and Wade probably based his decision on potential ROI than anything else. The Jazz for their part needed an investor and seen in Wade a viable option that also happens to have a valuable relationship with their franchise player.

FWIW I think it’s great that D Wade will be a part of our community here in Utah. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has a vacation home up on the Wasatch Back. (I wish I could afford a vacation place…in Duck Creek, but as a mere financial mortal it’s no bueno :cry:).

I hope his ownership stake offers some influence that helps the Jazz bring home some hardware,


He’s a troll, I think it’s Moose who is infamous on multiple Ute boards (and probably beyond).


I kind of thought so and I usually wouldn’t feed a troll, but this one touched on a common narrative and I felt the need to address it because it annoys me so much.
I suppose my reaction just described the desired effect of a troll’s wizardry.

This is terrible.

Donovan Mitchell is treated horribly on IG by “Jazz fans” anytime he shares any message about social issues important to him. Why? I think the # of Jazz fans (let alone Utahns) who have no tolerance for the things he cares about, is not insignificant.

Also, I’m a POC in Highland and “David” can go u know what. We get these funny community magazines in the mail every month that report “important” things like demographics, who’s who on the chamber of commerce and home values. In fact, a new one was just delivered in the mail this week.

Population - 19175
Avg. Age - 24.4
Avg. Income - $133,768
Avg. Home Value - $691,261
Avg. Household Size - 4.2
Total Businesses - 490 (in land area of 8.6 miles)

White kids from Highland don’t need a scholarship from the Jazz. David’s idea of charity is to buy shoes for athletes at BYU and take them on trips to Disneyland.


Hasn’t the United Negro College Fund been doing this for going on 80 years? So have countless other organizations. What’s the big deal? I think David from Highland needs to get out more. He got owned by Spencer from Fairview, who actually has gotten out quite a bit.


Self moderation is great but it’s not the only thing we control. I have fired clients (losing money) for making racist comments to me. I have spoken out where there were others being bigoted. Let’s not act like our own person is where it stops. I’ve seen redneck racists at Alabama games leave bloody nosed for saying bigoted comments (I don’t condone violence, but) at an opposing players. The one thing I have started to see is that IT IS getting better. We still have work though.

I am posting this in another thread but this Doc on HBO made me more hopeful about the USA because it’s what I see daily in my small college town and Nashville. White folk are speaking out in some places but we have to do better:

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You’re so focused on a narrative you ignore portions of what I said. My attitude towards other people’s behavior had a specific qualifier, “when it comes to admission or denial”, I said nothing about laws or public policy.

Bigotry and racism is not a White only problem. What’s more racist than holding innocent white people responsible for the misdeeds of other white people? And if other people’s behavior is your responsibility why do you not bring up the racist things all people do regardless of their race? Why separate us by race in this way or any other? It seems to be a racist activity to me.

…and what the hell does any of this have to do with Dwyane Wade becoming part owner?

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Let’s take the last part first. You took offense to bringing up racist Jazz fans. Let’s not act like they don’t have that rep.

Also, “innocent white people” is a weird phrase to type. It’s weird that people take pride and credit in and for their country’s great achievements but none of the shame or blame in their failings. Ever hear the term “Good Germans” before? No one is innocent if they live and remain silent in an unjust society.


None of what you just said makes sense relative to what I was talking about. I may have made the mistake of reading between the lines a bit too much but unlike you at least I try to take words at face value. I can’t have a discussion with somebody who twists my words to fit their narrative.

I also am not interested in applying standards of human behavior disproportionately according to race; it blows my mind when people don’t recognize the racism in such a practice. It’s either stupid or just disingenuous but it’s definitely not virtuous or at all tenable.

edit: I know edits suck but…
your claim that Jazz fans have a certain reputation is true, I’ll agree with you there. That reputation is based on people like you who spread that idea and it’s based on a minority of bad actors within the fan base. Basically it’s a negative attitude held towards an entire fan base because of small factions within it. Have I not just described the very essence of bigotry?

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Your edit explains everything. The real-life accounts of the NBA players don’t matter. Donovan Mitchell’s experience with the Jazz fans doesn’t matter. All that matters is your feelings how you perceive the issue. You don’t want to see an outside POV. That’s your prerogative. It’s everyone else’s fault Utah Jazz fans have the rep. It couldn’t be the rep is ever deserved or that the people may be worse than what someone of lighter melanin may experience.

I heard the same excuses from Alabama fans who don’t understand why people see their community as racist. They don’t see how a group they belong to could have that perception if they personally aren’t racist. You are practicing the very definition of a “Good German.”

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