Donald Trump and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19

I will refrain from commenting further to avoid political discussion.

I sincerely wish them a speedy and full recovery.

I’d also suggest we keep the politics and commentary out of this thread and I’ll be happy to leave it in Miscellaneous.

Just merge it with the already existing Covid thread.

…also, go to bed Rocker!

It was only a matter of time. Wishing him and Melania a quick recovery.

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Thoughts and prayers


Hooray for stress and insomnia!

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Fake news.



“It is what it is”

(couldn’t help myself)


It’s just the sniffles for children.


Mike Lee also reportedly has it.


I’m not making any political statements, but I am enjoying Mike Lee’s twitter feed right now.

— Mike Lee (@SenMikeLee) October 2, 2020

Politics and a pandemic are a horrific combination, a matchup bound to go to the pandemic. Maybe this lesson will be learned. (I said maybe)

The delusional thinking that rhetoric becomes factual reality that bends thinking & behavior for political favor suffers a major blow to a virus that doesn’t distinguish between sides in an ideological war.


Not surprised. The man has never taken Covid19 seriously. Shame really. No one wishes ill on the president. He will recover, with all of the considerable resources of this nation at his disposal. My prayer is that he does as Boris Johnson did in the UK, sing a different tune. Only I don’t expect that. On the other hand, call me cynical. Is this just another ploy by a desperate man? My trust level is – I’m sorry to say – that low.


I want to say get well soon Mr. president but i feel like I should say get better soon Mr. president.


Same. Nothing would surprise me anymore.


Hmm. Another one who has been dismissive of the whole thing…

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From second to seventh grade I had a major bully in my life - he would kind of come and go as big bullies do, so it wasn’t non-stop, but there were periods of intense bullying followed by quiet periods, which is really probably why it went on for so long.

My mom would give me good motherly advice of the era that was couched in the long since gone notion that kids should work out their own problems. But a lot of the advice was along the lines of, “He is thriving off your reaction, so if you don’t react he’ll go away…”

As we got older the terror grew to the point where my dad finally chimed in one day and said, “I think you should beat him up.” Surprised I protested that if I got in a fight at school I would be suspended. He told me that they didn’t care if I got suspended and I wouldn’t be in trouble with them.

So, the next day when he came and shoved me from behind as he was known to do, I turned around and beat him up. Of course the kids were delighted and cheering me on as I pummeled him, as I was not the only person being bullied by the kid. And as could be expected, the kid was a giant wuss. I’d like to think it was a graceful fight, but it probably more resembled Ralphie beating up Scott Farkus.

I didn’t get suspended - in fact the vice principal watched for at least some of it and did nothing - this kid really deserved it. I also learned that I’m not much of a fighter - the moment I got alone I burst into tears… both from the trauma of getting in a fight and knowing the bullying of the past 5 years was finally over. Writing this down now makes me realize two things: 1. This would never happen today, and 2. Holy crap, 5 years as a kid getting bullied is a wayyyyyy long time.

The next week, a friend of mine tangled it up with this bully in a separate instance. HIs pummeling of the kid was far more complete than mine - he had him pinned to the ground with his arm bent behind his back literally crying for mercy. Again, people were going crazy watching the bully get his.

So, what does this have to do with Trump getting Covid? I sincerely wish he and his family recover and don’t suffer any long term consequences. But there is something awfully cathartic about watching a bully get his comeuppance. So I get at least why people are getting a chuckle out of this - it is hard to feel compassion for a man completely lacking of it himself.


Maybe having more babies would solve this problem too.?


Shame I’m only allocated one star per post. I’d willingly give up a year’s worth of stars to light this one up.