Deion tells players he’s heading to CU

Agree, but I wonder if another angle may be capitalizing on the moment right now, with Whitt a minor celebrity himself, like him becoming a spokesman for Home Depot or Lowes or something. (We both know Whitt wouldn’t like this idea, it’s not his style - but if it helps…)

Everyone’s tired of the Aflac commercials and Nick Saban. The man-crush going on for Whitt is a semi-big deal, and could become a recruiting advantage (like we’ve seen with the Family culture). We need every advantage we can find, like mining the Portal for guys with a chip on their shoulder.

From Canzano’s mailbag:

Q: Which will win in a fight? Cocaine Bear, Meth Anaconda or Bath Salts Hippo?

A: Kyle Whittingham shows up and beats them all.


For the record, I like the hire. Colorado needed a big splash and they got it. Deion seems to be a good coach, I just don’t know that Colorado is the best spot for his personality.

I hope it is, as I’d love for CU to be competitive again.


He apparently changed the article. Now it’s Cam Rising. :joy:

You are referring to the Clinton administration or late 80s? You do realize how long ago that was and in another conference? Maybe you’re around so many BYU fans telling you how relevant 1980s football still is but since 1995 they have not been a player.

Stanford however has been to Rose Bowls.

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Slam dunk for CU. The argument is more about Deion having better options. I also get the comment that Tempe and Cincinnati suck as towns but let’s be real, the crappiest towns have great programs.

They’ve won since then.

And again, this isn’t about what Stanford did before the changes to the rules.

Any coach looking for a job is not going to look at the situation at Stanford the same in 2022 as they did in 2016. The rules have changed and Stanford is no longer on the same recruiting field they were in 2016.

Perhaps you’re the BYU fan, so obsessed with the past you can’t see the present :slight_smile:

No, I am obsessed with current team setup. Look at CU and what has happened to each coach that has stayed multiple years there. I don’t think one got a better job. He is turning down Cincinnati to join a conference in limbo for a team in the basement.


Not joining in any of the arguments. My take is that this is good for the conference, and I’m good with that.

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Absolutely. I think this is great for CU and the PAC 12. He was probably the hottest coaching name and they landed him.

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At least you’re consistent. This is the second thread today you’ve changed the subject.

But your Cincinnati argument undermines your Stanford argument.

Cincinnati is about to experience what Utah did going from the MWC to a bigger league.

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I’ve not changed subject. I typically can discuss multiple layers to one topic. Deion was up for Cincinnati (better than CU) and I think Stanford is a better job than CU in the past and most def during NIL. Cincinnati has been a playoff team. No offense but Utes going to the Sugar bowl and Fiesta is not equal to what Nati has already done. Also, Nati coaches have a great recruiting system in place.

I get it though. You’d rather be at a team with three seasons over .500 in the past 17 years than teams that make the playoffs or have recently made the Rose Bowl. Fair enough. For the record Stanford is 11 of 17 in seasons over .500 compared to CU.

100% this.

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That’s pretty funny, but that’s why you wrote it.

And again you’re missing the point, but at this point I’m fairly certain that’s purposeful

The hire is already paying dividends.

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No offense was meant. What UC has done is amazing.

Also, I get your point. NIL and Transfers. But, little known secret. There are top tier athletes who can attend, win and go to the NFL that will qualify at Stanford. This “too hard to win at Stanford” argument is lame. Notre Dame and others do it. Heck, Stanford made the Rose Bowl in 2016.

Still, the real point was UC is a better job than CU and Deion chose poorly IMHO and it’s to the great gain of CU and P12.

Conclusion, just my opinion and I can be wrong.

I’m interested in his transfers from Jack State. Also kids that may actually play for him. Do we think he stays more than two seasons?

Kyle should get in the cage with Chuck Noris, kick his ■■■ and that will pretty much seal it


Kyle Whittingham is not afraid of the dark.

The dark s afraid of Kyle Whittingham. :wink:


This was the point I was trying to make. Deion is a great personality for CU and the Pac12.

Way back in the old days, I had season tickets to the Marlins. Deion was playing for the Reds (I think, it might have been the Braves) and was on third base when there was a pitching change. He started chatting with the fans on the third-base side, where I was sitting. He was charming, funny, and enticing. I’d take him as a coach if my school had been in major suckage for a few years.


I think he’s going to do well. He seems to have what it takes.

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