Deion tells players he’s heading to CU

Dumb move by Deion.

Why so?

Why is it dumb? Better jobs than a program that goes to a bowl three times in 15 years. Not really sure that school is an attractive spot for many kids

CU might be the worst P5 team in the nation right now. While there may be potential there, that’s not going to be a quick turnaround.

Seems that would be especially tough for a guy who seems to be in love with the glitz, glamor, and spotlight as Deion appears to be.


All true which is wild. Boulder is a vastly superior town to many P5 schools. I don’t know what the facilities are like though.

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Programs change. Some rise some fall (GD lyric drop there).
Maybe he can make a difference. Maybe he’s trying to get away from fried food and crawdads. Colorado’s a great state and Boulder’s a Jewel of sorts.

Yeah, their continued decline is a mystery to me. Boulder is awesome. There’s football history there. I’ve heard they have good facilities. I have no idea how they can continue to be so, so terrible.


The best part was Southern’s band announcer killing Jackson State during the game tonight about it:


He was a Jackson State, not exactly the center of glitz, glamor, and spotlight. I think he’s had a lower profile over the past few years as a high school and HBCU coach. CU may be the perfect place to build from the ground up.

He’s obviously a very good coach, look what he’s done over the past 3 years with Jackson State. I think it would be good for the conference. Maybe even bring a little glitz, though he’s going to find traveling to SLC, Pullman, and Corvallis to be strange places.

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Soooo…devil’s advocate here…for someone like Deion, Colorado might be a slam dunk.

1- USC/UCLA leaving = easier to win when you dont have to play those two. Easier to get into the playoffs when they expand as well.

2- Deion’s thing is NIL, transfers, talent. Riley got, what, 31 transfer and 16 started for him? I fully expect Deion to do the same.

3- This is 100% a stepping stone for Deion. I expect him to come in, go after a ton of transfers, go to a bowl game, get to 8 to 10 wins and bail. And in 4 years Colorado sucks again.

I mean…he could easily fail, but I could see him coming in all hype, getting an all transfer team, then bailing.


Come on, sure Jackson doesn’t have running water in their city but……

I think the point is he’s turning down Cincinnati for Colorado. Cincinnati is a much better job. It’s a program where every coach leaves for a high profile job and CU every coach leaves with a cleaned out office. Sure NIL can help but I don’t see it helping much. Maybe he goes .500. Also, who cares if Southern Cal and UCLA are leaving. They really haven’t been relevant since the Utes joined the PAC 12. Hell, Stanford is the better open job in the PAC 12.

But, now it’s done and for him to be successful he needs to get a good staff. This is a good start:

The fact that you think Stanford is the better job shows you don’t understand the challenges at Stanford.

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The fact you think a team that has been above .500 in three of the last 17 years tells me you don’t watch much football. (Just using your snark to reply, I don’t really think that) I get Stanford’s challenges but it’s been shown you can win there. CU is a different story.

Actually, I am surprised he didn’t take the ASU job. It is the closest thing to being in LA without being in LA. Sunny weather…things to do when not playing FB or going to class…Aunt Becky is out of jail…good NIL opportunities. Yeah from about mid March to mid November can be hella hot, but that’s better than being hella cold.

Boulder, CO is cold now; and like the rest of the Front Range cities has to deal with some of the most fickle weather in the country. When I lived there we saw temperature swings the likes I had never seen before. Went on a field exercise on a November night that was over 60 degrees that night. Got to our camp site and went to bed in a gale force windstorm. Woke up the next morning to 30 below and two feet of snow. I never saw anything like it anywhere else in my travels.

Enjoy Boulder Deion. Maybe you can pull a Charlie Strong and bounce after a season to FSU.


ASU Or Cincinnati are def more desirable spots for what he’s going to try to do.

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Deion has proven to be a really good coach with a lot of the ingredients that are crucial for success, mentioned above.

What he hasn’t yet seen is competition that really knows how to maximize their talent and look to take away your strengths, in a sophisticated way. Week after week. (The shock we went through after being top tier in the MWC was stronger than anticipated.)

Todd Graham had to resort to cheating, Edwards cheated (a lot) and had a lot of NFL guys help him with the vast amount of Xs and Os involved.

Many others around our league have struggled and failed… and then found success elsewhere (Kiffin, Leach, jury’s still out on Sarkesian, etc.) Some have just moved on in life - Peterson, Helfrich.

The coaching carousel at USC, UO and UW prove the pressure at this level is incredible for the high-expectation programs. The carousel at ASU, UA, CU, Wazzu and even UCLA reveal the pressure is similar at programs trying to attain success.

Whitt has found a way to make this all look easy, when it’s far from that.

If I’m a CU fan there’s reason to be optimistic, but this is a whole different level. How do things go when the Buffs disappoint? That will happen.


CU has a winning history but has struggled in the past decade. A lot of that is due to poor coaching hires.

Stanford’s challenges didn’t exist until the last 5 years or so. NIL and Transfer rule changes are recent, and significantly change the landscape for Stanford.

It’s also a bit strange to say sub .500 over 17 years when all 3 of those seasons have come in the last 4….since the changes to the rules.

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After the PAC12 title game, Whit was asked how much winning it will help with recruiting. He said, it will get our name out, but the name of the game in recruiting is now NIL. If you are not in the game with NIL, you will not be competitive in the recruiting arena. If Sanders can attract NIL at CU like he has done at Jackson St., he will be successful.


I’d rather be in 30 below weather in Boulder than any temp in Cincinnati or Tuscon any day