Death of the PAC12 thread — and what happens to Utah

ESPN reports that Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah are negotiating as a group to go to the Big 12 if the TV deal is insufficient.

I don’t want to be with BYU. You people living in Utah think it’s fun, but those of us who couldn’t care less about anything in Utah but our school, BYU is irrelevant.

I will continue to not give one single, solitary sh*t about BYU, even if we play in the same conference.

If we have to end up in the B12 because the P12 completely implodes, then so be it. The notion that Utah would somehow pass on finding a conference home simply because we don’t want to be associated with BYU (something I’ve seen repeated multiple times over the last few days) is beyond asinine.


Let’s just see what comes out of the meeting first.

To the TDS question, I believe getting back into a conference with them is no deal breaker. The deal breaker might just be unwieldy logistical costs of having teams in the Eastern time zone we are required to play in multiple sports - many of them non revenue sports.


Lets say the pac deal is 4 years, set that way so Oregon and Wash can keep options open. (25mm vs 32mm doesn’t matter.)

If you knew that Oregon and Wash were leaving in 4 years, would you prefer to be in pac 12 with

Org State
Wash State
colorado state

or be in big 12?

I can see arguments for both but i’m curious your thoughts


I can assure you that Arizona/ASU will go to Big12 before Oregon/ Washington go to Big10.

I would rather be in the Big12. I have enjoyed not being in the same conference as BYU, but the Big 12 is significantly better than the PAC w/o UW, UO, UA and ASU.


I know there are those in Utah who want to play BYU every year and be in the same conference. I am not one. I would prefer to not play them. If the U admin makes their decisions based on what BYU does or where it is, the U is screwed. Do what is best for the U.


pete thamel seems indiciate that oregon and washington’s have big ten ambitions, do you think the big ten isn’t interested or that oregon and washington don’t want to go to the big ten?

since this is paywalled i’ll copy over some of the important pieces of information. This is from ESPN (so sources mean a lot more than say with dodd or canzano) since they are playing both sides and been pretty reliable about what’s going to happen

Regarding ASU,AU and UU:

As another industry source pointed out: “I don’t see any of them having the fortitude to break up the Pac-12 themselves. They’ll break as three. It’s either going to be all three leave, or none leave.”

Regarding Oregon and Washington to Big Ten:

One of the few certainties in a fluid situation is that no matter the league structure, Oregon and Washington don’t plan on committing to anything long term. Nor would they subject themselves to exorbitant exit fees.

Big Ten presidents also don’t want to look predatory.

New Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti also doesn’t aspire to look like the saboteur. But he’s done some quiet diligence about the potential of Washington and Oregon, as the Pac-12’s vulnerability has made it obvious they could shake loose

Any addition of Washington and Oregon would counter the wishes of USC

There’s a prevailing feeling Washington and Oregon could end up available [to the Big Ten] for a cut rate.

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I’d take your version of the Pac 12 over Big 12. And Utah could dominate this revised version for years. Love it.


I enjoy BYU games.

If we never play then again I won’t lose a minute of sleep.


I don’t. If we win, we were supposed to, and we only won because (insert zoob excuse here). If we lose we get to hear how all is right with the universe again. So, a no win proposition.


BYU games are fine.

BYU fans - before, after, and always - are atrocious.


Argh! Not so. It’s horrible! There’s no escaping the relentlessly toxic magical thinking and pathetic faux snobbery.


what CFB rivalries aren’t this way?

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I have lived in the middle of the U$C-UCLA rivaly for 40 years. It is intense, and there is lots of jackassery, but there is no religious element. That makes all the difference when comparing the BYU-Utah rivalry to any other.


Me too. Yeah they’re intense but that’s what a rivalry is supposed to be. Imagine no tOSU/Michigan, Aub/Alabama, Florida/Georgia etc. I want BYU every year in every sport. Football, basketball, baseball, womens sports, Olympic sports, tiddlywinks, chutes and ladders. Everything.

I don’t want to live in a world where we have to deal with BYU and ASU fans in the same season. That would be a personal hell for me.


Your the only one


Your the only one 62-35-4 isn’t a rivalry its a series. Being forced to play byu by the Mormon state legislature never should have happened