Crimson Collective - Utah's NIL

This is a time of year when we all give a little more to charitable causes. The Crimson Collective is a way to support Utah student athletes as they participate in charitable activities in the community. I encourage everyone who is capable of giving $20 - $25 a month to sign up and do so.

When I worked with Utah football from 2005-2013, one of my responsibilities was to organize players to speak and meet students at local schools. I never had any difficultly finding guys willing to take an afternoon to do this without compensation. I am sure that many of the student athletes at the U would be willing to participate without compensation, but being able to put a little extra money in their pockets is, in my opinion, the right way to benefit the community and the student athletes.


Supporting Ute athletes is a no-brainer, but here’s some rationale that may help sway the move with our domestic bosses:

  • With the PAC’s demise, there’s no reason to pay Comcast / Xfinity to get the PAC-12 network, after hoops this season. (I think the P12 network did a pretty impressive job, BTW.)

  • The financial model is changing, and who knows what the TV money is going to be in the future, as the “linear” TV model shrinks and evolves into streaming.

  • Accordingly, as the U is aiming to keep improving academically and athletically, more of the financial load needs to come from other sources.

I look at it this way: Jon Huntsman and his family have a really big checkbook, and he was great at getting other high rollers involved in causes like Huntsman Cancer Institute. But Jon was a strong believer that it takes a large team of support to really make things work well, get a broad base of folks pulling in the same direction.

Jon didn’t care if somebody gave $1 Million or a little kid gave $5 toward the cause of fighting cancer. Amazingly, his foundation has over 1 million donors… including a lot of little kids.

I’m not comparing athletics to fighting cancer, and I’m not trying to shake down little kids, but… you get the idea.

(BTW, Uteopia and I didn’t collaborate on this. I actually don’t know anyone at Crimson Collective, but I know they’re legit).


Two of the board members of the CC:

Alex Smith & Eric Weddle