Craig Smith - Everybody's working for the weekend

Sorry, that was meant as a reply to the long-paragraph poster.

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I don’t recall mentioning Oregon anywhere, but sure. If you’re referring to Operaman, I had a hard time following his wall of text.

This year played out pretty much like expected. Yes, we need a serious move in recruiting and the Portal to see improvement. That said, I believe the Portal will have more of an effect than bringing in a bunch of high school players, that to be quite blunt have tended to be pretty hit and miss. The COVID knuckleball on eligibility also has some issues too.

LK had 10 seasons to develop a program and really didn’t. He did parlay together several teams on the scramble, but really we saw little to no consistency around the program.

We all need to remember it took UCLA a while to get back into the inner rings of the radar in the wake of a HOF coach leaving (retiring). Hopefully next season will be better.


It was the constant exodus of players that made up my mind.


Or else what? You’re going to throw another temper tantrum on the internet?

Nothing like keyboard warrior threats!


Or else we’re gonna have another crappy record, dammit!


That’s who I meant to reply to. Sorry. Larry was like 2-750 against Altman. Or so it felt.


Also this years team is better than their record since we had an injury, illness, appendectomy littered season beyond what is normal this year.


My concern: how much improvement can we expect from the transfer portal? Our incoming transfers last year were meh (except Madsen and to some extent, Anthony).

Smith got a late start because of the delay in hiring, but BYU’s transfers last year were meh. Most transfers appear to be meh (except Plummer, Allen and Larsson, but that is another story).

I hope Stephanovic doesnt decide to stay in Europe.

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Texas just lost to TCU. That kind of makes me happy.


Which was always that much harder to take knowing that we had a good shot at Altman (however much his demands were unreasonable) prior to him going to Oregon, and us hiring Coach K… Que Sera, Sera

Let’s all remember that some/many/most of the stars from last year would likely have transferred had Coach K remained, and we might have been marginally better, but probably not enough. I personally would have given him another year, but understood fully when the AD did not do so.

Smith’s hire was not exactly what I was hoping for, but it is what it is.

The bottom line is that based upon Smith’s relative success at his previous positions, and his ability to get something out of essentially nothing (particularly in the form of player buy-in, defense, and effort) he may still turn out to be the right hire, and only the benefit of a few years of patience is going to tell.

(Oh, and, regardless of what @operaman86 says, I’d argue that the MWC and the top of the WAC were as competitive many years in the Majerus years as the PAC12 is currently. Which, added to the lack of any sense of Utah as a basketball power in the minds of kids who were born after the Majerus era, will create recruiting challenges until both the perception of Utah, and the league change.)


I understand what operaman is saying, but maybe he came across a little too strongly. Honestly I feel his concerns because I share many of them.

I’m not going to get into all the issues I have with Smith other than what I’ve seen on the recruiting front. He missed badly on the Farmington kid, who was “Utah’s to lose” up until we lost him…to a greased pole named Pope. All his other HS targets haven’t been anywhere near PAC level talent, from what I understand (which I admit isn’t much). Smith seems to be aiming at a low bar then missing badly. I think this off season will be a ‘make it or break it’ for Smith. If he doesn’t bring in a high level HS recruit and one or two high level transfers then what we saw this year is what we’ll get every year.

I’m hoping for the best, I’m hoping for some marquee players coming to Utah, I’ve got my fingers crossed buy I’m not holding my breath.

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I heard Riley and Chris Grant discuss Colin Chandler last week. They said he was coming to Utah until the Y came forward with an NIL deal somewhere between $100K and $1 mil (courtesy of Ryan Smith). Said or implied that the U was caught flatfooted and hadn’t geared up for NIL deals yet. FWIW


This is probably a big a reason as any as to why we are failing on recruits.

That said (and this will piss off any lurking zoobs), I can’t understand the mentality of this. I was never a prospect, but I’ve met kids who said they would walk on to Utah before they would accept a scholy from byu-provo. I guess money talks louder than I suspected.


That is interesting. Thanks for sharing. If that’s the case then Harlan needs to get his ■■■■ together ASAP.

And, Ryan Smith is scum.

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Boycott the Jazz!

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A milly is a milly.

This is why I secretly cheer for the Jazz to lose each game, and I live in Utah.


Notes from the underground.

Yeah well the thing is, that’s arguably not NIL… it’s pay-for-play, and the kind of scheme the NCAA is now investigating. Sure it was the NCAA’s own fault for not setting clear rules upfront, but it feels like something’s gonna give.