COVID-19 Discussion (No Politics)

I got it a few years ago hoping it might help to avoid inevitable Covid from progressing to pneumonia

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Well, crap. I let my guard down and caught the 'vid.

Manifesting as a really, really irritating cold. I actually thought I was just fighting a cold off and on for six weeks, and maybe I was because the home test was negative then. Yesterday I lost my sense of taste and smell so had to test again.

Necroing this thread to go full circle in the process of me being done with the pandemic while the pandemic is not done with me.


Sorry the creeping crud caught up with you. Hope you get better soon.


Heal up Daedalus. Hope your feel better soon without long-term symptoms.


I hadn’t waded into this thread for a long time so I just saw this. FWIW, my wife eats at least one banana a day, often two. She’s never tested positive for Covid. I’ve had it, we’ve had adult kids we’ve been around that had it, we’ve been near people who had it. Not her. Interesting.

As an aside, the lady that cleans our house called us a couple of weeks back to say she had a bad cold and had to cancel. She’s anti-vax, follows oddball health sites, claimed she caught the cold because she had too much sugar the day her husband got it, etc. We checked on her last week and she described symptoms that sounded really COVID-like, but we’re certain she’s not tested for it because that would cause too much cognitive dissonance.


There have been a number of things under consideration as possible reasons for some never contracting COVID.

People with Type O blood seem to contract COVID at lower rates and have milder symptoms than others.

People who use certain histamine blockers to control their allergies, again, seem to contract COVID at lower rates than others.

Of course getting vaccinated reduces risk/ possible symptoms.

The other two observations are early in the evaluation processes. We will not know if they truly are a thing for many years.


I read somewhere that people with long Covid could get over their symptoms by taking histamine blockers. I don’t know how accurate that was though.

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I’d forgotten all about that banana story I posted. I also eat a banana every day (either with my breakfast cereal or in a smoothie). But I did get COVID once. It was a very mild case, which I attribute to being vaccinated to the max. If bananas helped too, then great!


Interesting piece. What do you all think? I am grateful that this forum existed during the worst of it. Otherwise, finding a place to talk about what was happening would have been a real challenge.

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Update on our somewhat nutty cleaning lady: She’s recovered now. Talking to her Monday reaffirmed my belief she had COVID. But, in her mind, since she didn’t have every symptom that’s ever been linked to it, it couldn’t have been.

When asked about whether she tested for it she said no, because the test causes cancer. What?!?! Turns out there’s a nonsensical theory making the rounds that the chemicals in the test cause cancer. Like other urban legends there’s a weak link to facts, as a component in the solutions is a carcinogen in much higher amounts than is in a test kit. Combine that with the fact that you only come into contact with the swab, and it’s just another BS scare thing some deviants use to get clicks.

The misinformation machine about this disease definitely breaks new ground.


So sticking a dry Q tip in your nose, then putting the test fluid on the now gooey Q tip (from being pushed so far up your nose that it feels like they’re scratching your brain with it) causes cancer. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Can’t fix stupid.


No. But we seem to able to elect it.


I figure this is a zombie thread at this point but just ran into something at work i wanted to pass along.

Covid is over…we’re back to normal…nothing to worry about anymore right?

FYI in case anyone cares, we’re still having over 1000 Americans die each week from it. so still on a nice 52K a year pace. Thought that was interesting.

Good news though, 17% of Americans are fully vaccinated with current boosters…so that’s good. Again, zombie topic and I know everyone’s done talking about it but…just in case someone in a cave didn’t know…

CDC COVID Data Tracker: Home


That puts it on pace with flu deaths per year, which are estimated at 12,000 - 52,000 per year over the last decade or more.

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So, annually losing the population equivalent of Millcreek City to the flu, and a similar amount to COVID.

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Even the flu stats need some breakdown. Most people who die of the flu also suffer from comorbidities. Same is true of COVID. I think a large number are older people with weak immune systems and who have pneumonia, COPD, asthma, etc.


This seems to help explain why COVID hit people with weakened immune systems so hard. Based on this article, the link from a virus to sepsis seems unexpected.


I hope this is only the tip of the good news iceberg.

All we can do is await the next pandemic.